Zoya Kukushkina: a famous model girl from an orphanage

Being still a child, Zoya Kukushkina tries to help other children deprived of parental love to find a new family.

Once her future was uncertain, but one day her profile was seen by Tatiana Kukushkina, who recognized the girl as a soul mate. From that moment on, Zoya’s life changed forever.

Zoya Kukushkina: a famous model girl from an orphanage

Tatiana said that when a cute blonde Zoya appeared in her life, there was already a daughter and a son in the family. The couple dreamed of a large family with many children, but the woman could not get pregnant in any way.

Tatiana joined various communities in social networks, where questionnaires of children looking for loving parents were posted. There she met the charming Zoya, smiling at her from the monitor screen. The woman immediately recognized her as her daughter and called the appropriate organization. Four happy years have passed since then.

Zoya Kukushkina: a famous model girl from an orphanage

The girl immediately took root in a new family: everyone appreciated her kind character and literally fell in love with her. In kindergarten and at school, she also quickly found a common language with her peers.

The joyful events in the child’s life did not end there: Zoya with extraordinary external data was noticed by an employee of a modeling agency. It turned out that the baby is not only beautiful, but also quite photogenic. At the age of eight, the young model has already starred in advertisements for such famous brands as Disney, «YOURS», the shoe brand «Rendezvous», and also participated in Fashion Week shows held in Moscow. Zoya’s most significant achievement was that she was chosen as the face of an elite European brand called Junona Fashion House. Over the past few years, she has been filming in various European countries.

Zoya Kukushkina: a famous model girl from an orphanage

With such a frenzied success, Zoya did not lose her head, but only began to appreciate her family more. In addition, she was worried about other children who never found their parents.

Worries about the fate of the orphanage children prompted the girl to organize a charity event, collaborating with the mothers of other model children. Tatiana and her daughter received the support of famous people on social networks and decided to turn the idea into reality.

Zoya and her mother created a collection of clothes under the new brand Zoyakukushkina_wear. The family used the funds received from the sale to record a video ticket for orphans. The shooting of babies is carried out by a foundation called «Change one life». The premiere of the finished videos has already taken place in Moscow.

Zoya was directly involved in the creation of clothes for her brand. According to Tatiana, the girl very diligently drew all the models, reflecting her inner kindness in them. The young model decorates her clothes with colorful elements in the form of butterflies, flowers and sweets.

Zoya Kukushkina: a famous model girl from an orphanage

At the same time, Zoya has not yet decided exactly what profession she will master in the future. So far, she dreams of becoming a real female cowboy. Tatiana is sure that her daughter will have a wonderful bright future, and all her dreams will definitely come true.

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