You won’t get enough of them: 10 foods that only whet your appetite

The task of food is primarily to satisfy hunger. But there are a number of products that it would be better to keep away from your plate — after them, if you feel full, then not for long.

There is an explanation for this phenomenon if we understand the mechanism of saturation itself. A hungry person has a slightly reduced blood sugar level. If you eat foods with a low glycemic index (GI), sugar rises gradually. If the index is high, the so-called fast carbohydrates, then sugar rises sharply, but also drops sharply. So soon you will want to eat again. There is no time to lose weight, as if on the contrary, not to gain extra pounds.

Do you think this product is more dietary than pizza? We will disappoint. Sushi is 70% white rice. Its glycemic index is 90, which is very high. Yes, you will eat them quickly, the rice itself is voluminous and satisfying. But soon you will feel hungry again. If you really love Japanese cuisine, order sashimi or miso soup. They have a lot of protein, which really saturates, and does not pretend.

Fruit juice
Of course, packaged juices have the highest index. Even if it is written that they are sugar-free, it will almost certainly be present there. But not every freshly squeezed one will be useful. If you filter it until only liquid remains, then you leave only sugar! After all, all useful substances are contained in fibers. Nutritionists advise to make juices with pulp, and even better to cook compotes without sugar, so that there is something to chew — this process is also involved in saturation.

In whatever form you cook it — fries, mashed potatoes, just boiled — the glycemic index will not go anywhere: from 65 (potatoes in uniform) and higher. Eat fast, get hungry even faster.

Fruits with the highest sugar content (GI greater than 60)





You won't get enough of them: 10 foods that only whet your appetite

White bread
It is made from refined flour, which means its glycemic index is beyond 100 units. Of course, this does not mean that it can no longer be eaten at all. But it is better to alternate with bread, which has a high fiber content: rye, whole grain or with bran.

Firstly, there is always a snack when drinking. This is no longer very good for the figure. Secondly, alcohol lowers glycogen levels and increases sugar levels, which will quickly decrease and you will get hungry again. Remember, because you usually eat a lot more if you consume alcoholic beverages with food. By the way, beer has the highest glycemic index.

It would seem, well, very satisfying food. But the trick is in sauces and heavy meat, as well as a bun. All together gives an armor-piercing combination of «fast carbs», and soon you will want a couple more of these burgers. It’s better to make them yourself at home: replace beef with poultry, put more vegetables, take rye or grain bread instead of white bread, and also exclude sweet sauces.

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