Why do Finnish children sleep in a box

The Finnish have a simple answer — their children sleep in ordinary cardboard boxes, because it is environmentally friendly and safe. By the way, such a life hack can be used if you want to save a little in the first months after the birth of a child.

The fact is that the government gives newborns a box with everything they need in the first months, and the box with the mattress itself then serves as a cradle.

This tradition, which originated in the 1930s, applies to all Finnish children, regardless of their social status or origin. Inside are packed bodysuits, bathing accessories, diapers and much more. Also, a mattress is placed in it, thanks to which the box, if necessary, becomes a cradle for a newborn. Many children in Finland spent their first nights here, in a safe space, surrounded by cardboard sides on four sides. The miracle box is made of environmentally friendly cardboard. Finnish mothers decorate it with bows, ribbons and sew special elegant covers.

Over its almost century-old history, the set has undergone significant changes, but the presence of a box and a mattress remains unchanged. According to experts, this is the secret of one of the lowest child mortality rates in the world. Finnish doctors also recommend that the baby sleep in a gift box, it is small and the baby will not be able to turn on his stomach there, which is dangerous for him.

Why do Finnish children sleep in a box

The first cardboard box for pregnant women was created by the Finnish government in 1938. At that time, infant mortality was high — 65 for every 1,000 children born, and the boxes were intended for families in a difficult situation. Within ten years, the legislation has changed: boxes began to be given to everyone, provided that expectant mothers will be examined by a doctor before the end of the fourth month of pregnancy.

Why do Finnish children sleep in a box

Now for pregnant women, receiving this box is a kind of ritual, a rite of passage. Parents can choose between a box or 140 euros, but 95% choose a box.

Although the product range itself remains mostly unchanged from year to year, but the colors and patterns are constantly updated according to fashion requests and reviews from those who received them. Some brand new items are also being added. There are about 50 different things in the box.

«In the box you can find absolutely everything you need for the first time: a thermometer, a water thermometer, a comb, a toothbrush, scissors, reusable diapers, diapers, bed linen, mattress. From clothes — these are bodysuits of different sizes, overalls for winter and spring, mittens, socks. I will not list everything, the list is large,» such reviews are left by young mothers on social networks.

The package for pregnant women is not on sale. It is available exclusively as a benefit provided by the Finnish social security system. The goods it contains are purchased at competitive bidding in accordance with EU legislation.

By the way, if you give birth to two or more children at the same time, you will receive a standard maternity allowance multiplied by two for your second child, a standard maternity allowance multiplied by three for your third child, and so on. This means that for twins you will receive three times the maternity allowance, for triplets, six times the maternity allowance, and so on. In general, you can also get a lot of boxes with a dowry for kids.

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