What will happen to the body if you give up coffee: 6 unexpected consequences

Your head will hurt less often
We will not lie, at first on the contrary, she will get sick more often: headaches are one of the symptoms of caffeine withdrawal. But, every day the condition will improve.

The fact is that caffeine narrows the vessels of the brain and slows down blood flow by 27 percent. Giving up coffee will restore blood circulation. But, since the brain needs to «get used» to this new state, at first the head may hurt.

But after this happens, you will notice how much better you think and almost forget what a headache is.

You’ll finally get some sleep
Vicious circle: drink coffee, don’t feel refreshed and refreshed, drink coffee again. Don’t you think that something should be excluded from this cycle?

Scientists have proved that even a cup of coffee drunk in the middle of the day, long before bedtime, can greatly affect its quality. It is better to give up this drink altogether or, as a last resort, drink it no later than 10-11 o’clock in the morning. Then the body will have time to develop the sleep hormone.

Well, there is no need to explain what is fraught with lack of sleep: chronic fatigue, reduced immunity, excess weight, depression.

Teeth will become lighter
Any dentist will say that coffee destroys tooth enamel and stains teeth. To stop the process, it is necessary, at least, to exclude the drink from the diet. Over time, the teeth will lighten up a little by themselves, but it is better, of course, to do a cleaning.

The second reason for refusing coffee is that it reduces the amount of saliva in the mouth. This means that it provokes the growth of bacteria that cause caries.

You will feel better
This will happen by lowering blood pressure (we have already said that coffee is a vasoconstrictor). Just a cup a day can significantly raise the numbers on the tonometer. For an ordinary person, as well as for a hypertensive person, this can be dangerous.

But! If you are hypotonic, that is, you initially suffer from low blood pressure, then you need to cancel coffee only after consulting with a doctor who will tell you how to stabilize the indicators during this period.

What will happen to the body if you give up coffee: 6 unexpected consequences

The skin will get rid of dryness
Caffeine is a diuretic, it makes the kidneys work harder. But, if you do not make up for the loss of fluid, that is, do not drink enough water, then this can lead to chronic dehydration. You will get tired more and more often, you will have a bad mood, weakness and lethargy.

There are two ways out of the situation: Either drink as much water as possible (although it is so necessary) or completely abandon coffee. By the way, you will see improvements with the naked eye: the skin will become elastic and radiant again.

But! You will become nervous and irritable
Here it is, this is the only effect that you definitely can’t like. This is withdrawal, in other words, withdrawal due to the sudden absence of the hormones adrenaline and dopamine, which are contained in caffeine. It will start somewhere in 12 hours or a day.

The «withdrawal syndrome» can last for a week. At this time, a person will feel anxiety, irritability. Therefore, if you decide to give up coffee, choose a period for this when you have no urgent business or important negotiations.

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