What to eat in order not to age: a list of «rejuvenating» products for different ages

What really determines how long we will live and how we will look like? From genetics? «Including,» scientists do not deny. But in fact, genetics accounts for only one quarter of all the factors that determine life expectancy. The remaining three-quarters of the reasons are due to the lifestyle we adhere to, and first of all, what we eat. What products will help to preserve beauty, health and, most importantly, youth? It turns out that there is a «rejuvenating» set for each age.

After 20 years
We are no longer growing (even in a dream), but our bones are still getting stronger. This means that one of the most important elements of the diet should be foods rich in calcium: whole milk, cottage cheese, yogurt, cheese, broccoli, fish (salmon, sardines).

The motto of youth is to take everything from life! Intensive study and vigorous career advancement require not only physical strength, but also enormous mental costs. This means that the body needs iodine, which helps to relieve the high load on the brain and nervous system.

The best choice is seafood (mussels, shrimp, scallops). Beef and veal liver, lean meat (for example, rabbit), green salad, cabbage and, of course, a maximum of vegetables and fruits (especially green and orange) will help to recover and relieve stress. Even if you are not thinking about offspring yet, remember that enriching the menu with useful vegetable oils (olive, pumpkin, linseed, mustard) has a very beneficial effect on the health of the reproductive system.

After 30 years
An increasing number of women are now giving birth to children no earlier than 30 years old. When preparing for pregnancy, do not forget that the body will need additional reserves of energy and  iron! Start eating lean red meat, poultry and fish. Dark green vegetables and legumes also contain a lot of iron, but «vegetable» iron is absorbed longer than «animal». If you are a committed vegetarian (or strive for it), try to eat sources of «vegetable» iron together with foods rich in vitamin C — this will facilitate the assimilation of a valuable trace element.

«After thirty» is also the age when we notice the first signs of aging. That is why it is necessary to include antioxidant products in the menu, which contribute to the removal of free radicals from the body – the main enemies of radiant elastic skin. Lean on cranberries and blackberries, soy, carrots, beans, celery, asparagus, spinach, onion and eggplant.

The amount of carbohydrates (bread, pasta) should be reduced, but proteins should be increased on the contrary. In combination with regular fitness exercises, protein food will help you maintain perfect proportions and clear silhouette contours.

It is also recommended to reduce the amount of «milk» in the diet: one type is enough once a day (optimally in the morning: omelet, sandwich with cottage cheese, cottage cheese with fruit). What are we categorically refusing? From animal fats (sausages, cream, fatty cheeses) and flavor enhancers of industrial production (mayonnaise, ketchup). We also learn to drink pure still water (at least 1.5 liters per day) and green tea.

What to eat in order not to age: a list of "rejuvenating" products for different ages

After 40 years
Psychotherapists consider this age to be a crisis. And at this time, the body especially needs products that can protect it from depression and mood swings. The hormone of good mood — serotonin — is contained in the usual, but often unloved by us oatmeal, delicious turkey meat, red bell pepper and, of course, chocolate.

Hormonal changes also make themselves felt: the body produces less of the hormone thyroxine, which accelerates metabolism. The amount of food and its caloric content should be reduced: in adulthood, the ability to absorb fats decreases, but the formation of fat from carbohydrates increases. All this can imperceptibly lead to obesity, which not only does not color anyone, but also negatively affects health. We say a firm «no» to fatty meat and high-carbohydrate products (pastries, confectionery, white bread).

Lettuce, asparagus and celery, rich in liquid and fiber, will help to keep weight control firmly. So that the «girl’s memory» does not imperceptibly turn into senile sclerosis, do not forget about fish! The polyunsaturated fats contained in it not only protect the walls of blood vessels from cholesterol, but also activate memory and improve thinking abilities. And oysters and nuts will help to return the sexual attraction that was extinguished.

What to eat in order not to age: a list of "rejuvenating" products for different ages

After 50 years
Many women have perimenopause at this turn (after which menopause is waiting insidiously). Because of this, the level of estrogen begins to decrease, there is a tendency to fluid retention. After 50 years, bones become more fragile, joints weaken, arthritis and arthrosis occur. That’s why calcium and vitamin D are very important for the body during this period! Their constant intake will help to stop the loss of bone mass and will make it possible to avoid osteoporosis (bone fragility). Your daily diet should definitely include whole milk or cottage cheese (at least 2.5% fat content), as well as fish oil and eggs rich in vitamin D. Seafood is indispensable for joint health: it relieves inflammation and reduces the amount of active toxic substances that corrode cartilage.

What to eat in order not to age: a list of "rejuvenating" products for different ages

Often it is at this age that the arrow of the floor scales begins to creep up quickly, because changes in the work of the endocrine system do not affect the metabolism in the best way. You can fight with fullness both with medical help (for example, hormone replacement therapy) and with the «support» of a special menu based on light plant foods. The main focus should be on vegetables, fruits, herbs and berries — they perfectly saturate, and the fiber contained in them regulates the activity of the intestine, preventing constipation, and promotes the elimination of harmful products formed in the intestine during digestion.

It is better to eat meat and fish once or twice a week, and devote the rest of the time to inventing dishes based on «rejuvenating» vegetables – tomatoes, onions, garlic, eggplants, zucchini, radishes.

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