What to do if your face swells in the morning: cosmetologist’s tips for every day

Many are increasingly faced with such a problem with age. In addition, swelling on the face can be caused by a variety of reasons, from malnutrition and lack of water to hot weather and stuffiness in the house. Our expert tells us why edema appears and how to deal with it.

A puffy face adds age, making the contours indistinct, pulling them down. With a swollen face, the nasolabial furrow, nasolabial folds, flaps, and a swollen oval of the face are pronounced.

Unfortunately, the deformation-edematous type of aging is the most common type of aging in our country. The vast majority of Russians are owners of this type of face. Its owners have pronounced subcutaneous fat and have a tendency to edema at almost any age.

What to do if your face swells in the morning: cosmetologist's tips for every day

How does facial deformity occur
Adipose tissue accumulates water. Edema leads to an even greater weighting of soft tissues (muscles, adipose tissue, ligaments). The ligaments do not cope with their holding function, the displacement of fat packets downwards begins. As a result, the face is deformed, floats down. The nasolabial beard and nasolabial folds deepen. The oval of the face is distorted, the contour of the angle of the jaw is erased. There are wings and a second chin, folds on the neck.

What increases the severity of the deformation type of aging
Mode: sleep, food, drinking


Bad habits

A sharp fluctuation in weight

Improper care

Pronounced facial expressions

Wrong gymnastics for the face

Sudden change in ambient temperatures

The presence of chronic diseases that contribute to edema (cardiovascular, kidney, endocrine system diseases)

What is forbidden to do with edema:
Aggressive massage
When working with a deformed face, in no case should there be chaotic movements. Massage should not bring pain, it does not work to strengthen the oval of the face.

What to do if your face swells in the morning: cosmetologist's tips for every day

Buccal massage
It can increase swelling in the subcutaneous adipose tissue, which, even without exposure, shifts downwards under its weight. And under the influence of the displacement will only increase. In addition, buccal massage
stretches the ligaments. The longer the ligaments, the faster they become weaker.

Illiterate self-massage
This also includes massages with various devices: roller skates, gouache. With these devices, there is a high risk of damaging the tissue, thereby increasing the swelling.

Use of care products right before bedtime
This is especially true of eye creams. They must be applied at least 1.5 hours before bedtime.

If you are absolutely healthy, you need to focus on the reasons that are most common in healthy people, but which we do not think about

Problems in the cervical spine
The neck is the main source of age—related changes on the face, including edema. A sedentary lifestyle, an uncomfortable sleeping place (mattress, pillow), a hand-phone in an uncomfortable position — all these are the causes of facial edema.

Lack of fluid
It leads to the fact that the body begins to store water, and this is reflected on the face by swelling. Drink enough clean water.

Improper nutrition
The use of alcohol, salty, smoked, fatty, sweet retains fluid in the body, leading to swelling.

Applying care immediately before bedtime
All creams, masks, serums and other care cosmetics, if you use it at night, should be applied 1.5-2 hours before bedtime.

What else?
Stress, fatigue, lack of sleep.

Day of the cycle. Depending on the day, we are more or less prone to puffiness.

Age, slowing down of metabolic processes.

Excessive exposure to UV rays.


How to deal with edema
Lymphatic drainage massage will remove excess fluid from the body. Such a massage can be started from a young age — from puberty. In any case, the sooner you start doing it, the better. The tissues will remain in their places, there will be no swelling. Also, let’s assume manual self—massage – it is advisable to consult with a specialist on how to do it correctly, and in no case massage the face on a dry one, so there is a great risk of stretching the skin or getting creases.

Sports, walking, neck exercises and posture will help the swelling go away sooner.

SOS-help: patches, fabric masks. Cooling roller for eyelids (cream/gel). Washing with ice is acceptable if your skin is not sensitive and you do not have rosacea.

Establishing a drinking regime. You need to drink clean water. I drink 1.5-2 liters of pure water daily (do not think that any liquid is water). And it is absolutely undesirable to drink tea / coffee before going to bed!

Food. Minimize the use of products that retain liquid. These are fatty, fried, smoked, salted, sausage products, canned products, long-term storage products.

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