What the circles under the eyes say about the child’s health: the doctor explains

In fact, dark circles under the eyes of a child may have different causes and — based on this — different shades. Of course, first of all, the diagnosis will be made by a doctor, based not only on their appearance, but also on additional examinations. However, parents also need to understand: in which case to contact a specialist.

«In some cases, «bruises» under the eyes occur due to the physiological characteristics of the child. In particular, this feature is typical for children with very thin eyelid skin. The vessels shine through it and give a darkening effect. In this case, if veins and capillaries lie close to the skin, the skin will have a bluish tint.»

This situation is probably the simplest. In addition to aesthetic, such circles do not cause any other inconvenience to the child. But there are other, much more serious points.

Blue or purple circles indicate that the child needs to rest and sleep. But they can also mean heart problems and hypoxia. If the child has a heart defect, they may indicate periorbital cyanosis, which occurs due to circulatory disorders and an increase in the blood fraction

Almost black circles occur with a lack of iron and dehydration of the baby’s body.

Yellow-gray skin becomes when the plasma has too high a level of bilirubin bile pigment.

The brown color of the skin indicates liver or gallbladder diseases.

If children have allergies, the skin in the eye area has a reddish tinge.

Dark circles in combination with swelling of the lower eyelids after sleep may indicate kidney disease. In children, this is usually a consequence of nasopharyngeal infection — tonsillitis, pharyngitis. Their causative agents are beta-hemolytic streptococci, in which the kidneys are also affected.

What the circles under the eyes say about the child's health: the doctor explains

Our expert once again emphasizes: there is no symptomatic treatment of circles under the eyes. And «by eye», only by appearance it will not be possible to establish why they appeared.

«First of all, we need a pediatrician’s consultation,» says the doctor. — He will collect a detailed anamnesis, including diseases of parents, features of the regime and diet of the child. If necessary, he will refer you to a specialized specialist — cardiologist, otolaryngologist, gastroenterologist or nephrologist. It will be necessary to donate blood, urine, feces. In some cases, do an X-ray of the chest organs and ultrasound of the abdominal cavity.»

As a result, the circles will not be treated, but their cause. And there is no universal method. For example, if a child lacks vitamins, he will be prescribed multivitamin preparations or certain vitamins, but strictly in the therapeutic dosage, and if worms are detected, it is impossible to do without anthelmintic drugs.

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