What kind of dad will your man be

Every girl has her own image of a real father. Kind, caring, moderately strict, who can teach his son to be a real man, and will make his daughter understand that she is his most important princess in life.

He knows how to make important decisions, is ready to provide his children, his wife with protection and safety. At the same time, he will still be good to change the diaper and bathe the baby, feed him, read fairy tales and choose a dress or suit for the first holiday.

And also, he will be able to build a truly trusting relationship with his child, neither son nor daughter will be afraid to share their experiences with him. And he will be able to find the right words to support them.

Too perfect? Too sugary? Yes, I think we described Mom, not Dad. But what kind of father will your man be? Suddenly — the one that is rare and almost does not exist.

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