What does the pose in which you sleep say about you

Not so long ago, the British identified the six most common positions in which people sleep. And one of the famous English psychotherapists, Nick Davis, said that each of these poses can tell about a person. Check: what would a scientist say about you?

On the side, hands under the pillow
The favorite sleeping position of the majority of respondents (25%) is on their side with their hands under the pillow. And, as it turned out, it’s excellent. According to Nick Davis, this means that such people are relaxed in their sleep and calm in everyday life.

«Such people live a balanced life; they are open and often have a playful nature,» says the psychotherapist.

Embryo pose
One in five likes to sleep in the fetal position, which, according to Nick, is a vulnerable position.

«People who sleep like this can feel lonely. Therefore, they move to the position in which they grew up in the womb. Those who sleep in this position have an introverted nature, may be withdrawn or shy.»

What does the pose in which you sleep say about you

On his side, with his arms outstretched
This is the least common pose, about 9% of respondents sleep this way. Davis said that those who sleep on their side with their arms outstretched may unconsciously reach for something, they may have unresolved goals and dreams, or it may symbolize longing for a partner.

«These people can be indecisive, insecure and can often enter into codependent relationships,» says the therapist.

Hugging a partner
Of course, if you have one and you sleep in the same bed. But of these, every tenth man prefers to hug his beloved in a dream. But there are much fewer women among those who like to sleep like this.

«If you hug, then you like to give comfort and protection, and if you love being hugged, you are the one who likes to be taken care of and cherished,» explains Davis.

On the back, hands along the body
«According to the characteristics of such a sleeper, most likely, will be an «open book» and an excellent communicator. But maybe sometimes harsh and selfish,» says Nick.

The «Starfish» pose
«Such people often have narcissistic traits and indifference to the feelings of others. Those who sleep in this position on their backs also tend to be very at ease. There’s not much around them that really bothers them,» Davis said.

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