What do moles mean on different parts of the body

On the forehead
Chinese astrology claims that this indicates prosperity. A mole right in the middle of the forehead means wisdom, on the right side of the forehead says that a person is a great partner, but on the left — indicates failures in life.

Since the face is usually most exposed to sunlight, it is not surprising that new moles may appear in this area. Usually they do not carry danger in themselves.

On the cheek
A mole on the cheek is often called a «sign of beauty». According to Chinese astrology, a mole on the cheek means that its owner is a brave, sincere person. And a mole on the right cheek is an indicator of a sensitive and caring person who values family.

As for doctors, they say the same about moles on the cheeks as on other parts of the face — they do not cause much concern.

On the lip
Such a mole means that you want to achieve a lot in life and, most likely, will move forward. And if the mole is located above the corner of the upper lip, it indicates your craving for beauty and aesthetics.

As for the medical opinion, a mole on or near this part of the face may be malignant. But according to research, even malignant new moles on or near the lips are usually basal cell or squamous cell cancers and are easily treatable.

On the chin
It indicates that you are an affectionate and caring person. But at the same time it means determination and stubbornness.

If you have a mole on your chin, from a medical point of view it is similar to a mole on any other part of the face. However, a mole on the chin can be quite unpleasant from an aesthetic point of view — it is on them that hairs most often begin to grow. So it’s better to delete it.

On the neck
A mole at the base of the neck may indicate that you need to rest and relax more, you are constantly tense. Superstitions speak about it.

And doctors warn: it is on the neck that a lot of suspicious moles usually appear. This is especially true for men.

On the shoulder
A mole on the shoulder is not uncommon. Signs say that you are trying to shoulder a heavy load. Although often you just need to relax.

From the point of view of medicine, moles on the shoulders are often confused with harmless freckles and age spots.

On the arm
A mole on your hand can mean that you are a very hardworking person and work hard to earn recognition. At the same time, work is not a burden to you at all, on the contrary, you cannot imagine life without it.

Doctors also say that moles on the hands should be treated with caution. It is the hands and feet (and, in women) that are the most frequent areas where melanoma begins to develop. Therefore, do not forget to check with the doctor.

On the chest
According to signs, moles on the chest are a good sign. This means that you are generous, kind, but at the same time you know how to get your way.

Doctors also believe that if you find a mole on your chest, this is not a cause for concern. According to research, the chest is a very common place for the appearance of moles, and if there are no obvious signs of melanoma on it, there is nothing to worry about. But it is important to consult a doctor if the mole looks unusual, grows or changes color.

What do moles mean on different parts of the body

On the back
A mole on the back means that its owner is at risk of encountering obstacles and setbacks. And the more moles in this area, the less lucky a person can be called.

And doctors say that a mole on the back may not even be a mole. In many cases, this is seborrheic keratosis (small brown or black growths). Don’t worry — they’re safe.

On  feet
A mole on your foot can mean many different things, and it depends on where the mole is located and on your gender. For men, a mole on the leg usually indicates «deprivation and suffering.» For women, it means selfishness and heartlessness.

According to research, legs are one of the most frequent places where a malignant mole can develop. Melanoma can begin to grow from within an existing mole or manifest in a new one. Because of this, it is important to always show them to a dermatologist when you go to an appointment.

On the scalp under the hair
Astrologers claim that a mole on the head «symbolizes luck for life, which others will envy.»

Usually such moles are not dangerous. But the problem is that we can often damage them with combs, hairpins and hairpins. Therefore, it will sometimes be useful to be checked by a doctor.

In the armpit
It all depends on which side your mole is on. If it is in the right armpit, then you will strive for wealth all your life. If in the left, the main thing for you will be to find love. But in any case, according to the signs, a mole in the armpit means good luck.

Doctors say the same thing about moles in the armpits as in the previous case: the main problem is that you can often damage it.

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