What can the clothes you sleep in tell about you

Psychologists say that the style of clothing of any person can tell a lot about his character. This also applies to those things in which we like to sleep. Clinical psychologist Matilda Moffett and sleep experts from Mattress Online told us what your «night attire» says about you.

Flannel pajamas
You value your health and convenience, experts say. Many of those who wear such pajamas demonstrate strong organizational skills, but sometimes they like to control everything unnecessarily.

Such pajamas may indicate that you are ambitious, but at the same time you honor traditions. «Those who choose satin or silk clothes for sleeping often strive to achieve more in life and increase their status,» says Moffett.

Many of these people pay more attention to their career than their personal life.

Fleece or plush pajamas, voluminous jumper for sleeping
This may indicate that you are a sensitive and sentimental person. Family is most likely in the first place for you. The key features of your personality are loyalty to others and integrity of character. By the way, often people who sleep in such clothes subconsciously want to go back to the past for a while and feel like children again.

Negligee or chemise
According to the expert, such people put their interests first and love themselves very much. Sometimes it can even develop into egocentricity. Many of those who prefer to sleep in seductive negligees, love to always be in the center of attention and can not imagine life without the admiring glances of others.

Loose T-shirt and home trousers
«Such a kit may indicate that you are a freedom—loving person who has no lack of confidence,» says Dr. Matilda Moffett. «You feel comfortable with who you are, and your goal is to live the way you like, without accepting anyone’s conditions.» Such people do not seek to prove anything to others, and they do not care about someone else’s opinion.

If you sleep in a bathrobe, it may mean that you lack confidence, and first of all, in personal relationships. The psychologist says that such people are «looking for some kind of protection from the problems that bother them» — after all, bathrobes are subconsciously associated with warmth, comfort, safety. If you like to wrap yourself in them, perhaps you are subconsciously looking for protection from the outside world.

If you sleep without clothes at all
The expert says that people sleeping naked are absolutely satisfied with themselves and their lives. They are not afraid of condemnation and value their own opinion higher than the thoughts of others. Such people are most often optimistic and energetic, and they also feel absolutely comfortable in their body, proud of their advantages and accepting disadvantages.

What does it mean if you sleep in socks?
Those who often wear socks before going to bed are pragmatic people and like to keep everything under control. They know how to prioritize, they don’t like to waste time, and they consider efficiency to be one of the most important things.

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