We feed children incorrectly: mistakes that every mother makes

Many traditions of upbringing are passed down in the family from generation to generation, including eating habits. But not everything that our parents and grandparents considered the norm is useful for a modern child. Incorrectly formed eating habits can seriously harm health.

An eating disorder is a serious mental illness that negatively affects physical and mental health. With such a disorder, a person cannot eat normally. He either overeats or suffers from bulimia nervosa — also overeating, only after eating a person runs to cleanse the stomach or takes laxatives.

Here are 5 common mistakes in baby food that every mother makes.

Give large portions
Many parents still overfeed their children «just in case», if only their son or daughter would not remain hungry. And there are always a lot of cases: crises, stresses. So it turns out that a neurotic then grows out of a child, who seizes all new events in life in order to transfer them more easily.

Force to eat through force
These are also remnants of the war famine. Mothers cooked food from leftover food, from grass, in order to somehow survive. Of course, those porridges were tasteless and the portions were small. And now they put a full plate of high-calorie food on the child and swear if he does not finish. The most common horror story «Eat, or you won’t grow up!» is also in use.

And as soon as the child’s digestive system is restored by lunch, an even greater blow to the organs is coming: the first, second and compote. And always with bread, otherwise Dad will swear. In the meantime, the child had to gain strength during a quiet hour, his body digests what it has eaten with the last of its strength. Then everyone wonders why the baby is acting up.

We feed children incorrectly: mistakes that every mother makes

Give sweet snacks
According to official statistics, every third person has insulin resistance. The state of insulin resistance is the first bells of impending diabetes mellitus. It also increases the risk of diseases of the heart, liver, kidneys and many other organs. But parents don’t think about it, because they were brought up the same way. It was only in our childhood days that the store shelves were empty, and now they are full of bright and harmful sweets. The marketers did their best. So the parents are led to tricks, spoil the children, they say, in my childhood there was no such thing, let the child eat at least. And this is all instead of teaching children to eat healthy fruits and vegetables.

Instead of water, drink juices and soda
Remember about the water balance of the child: lemonades and compotes will not replace water in the body. Keep an eye on the amount of sugar consumed, try to limit it as much as possible or replace it with fruit.

Turn on cartoons during meals
This also forms incorrect eating habits — the child begins to eat «on the machine», cannot track whether he has had enough or not yet. Add here the sedentary lifestyle of the new generation. It can also lead to obesity and the habit of eating stress in adulthood.

And the most important thing is the example of parents, because they also often watch TV during dinner. If all family members adhere to the right food culture, many health problems will be avoided.

To avoid such serious consequences, it is necessary to teach kids to a clear diet and without overeating. For children, everything is simple. It’s adults who have forgotten how to feel their body. And children know exactly what they need and in what abundance. Therefore, if the child has eaten and does not want any more, you should not force him.

And what else

You can’t use food for punishment or encouragement. All these «you will be left without sweets if …» should remain in the past. Food is not a tool for manipulation.

Do not force to eat during illness. All the resources of the body at this time are aimed at fighting the disease, and if the child does not feel hungry, it is not necessary to force-feed him. Firstly, it will only give an extra load to the body. Secondly, the body itself will tell you when it needs food. But it is necessary to drink water.

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