We are being deceived: 10 supermarket tricks we fall for

Many marketing tricks will not surprise anyone. Everyone knows that 299$ is less than 300$  for just a dollar, they try to pass by the goods on the counters near the cash registers, and they look for fresh milk in the depths of the shelves. But in the pursuit of profit, merchants come up with even more sophisticated tricks.

The cart is not for haste
It was created not for the convenience of customers, but to lure money. Yes, the length of your receipt directly depends on the size of the grocery basket. The bigger the cart, the more unnecessary you commit. By the way, nutritionists have long proved that the fuller the refrigerator, the less likely it is to lose weight.

Have you noticed that almost all the trolleys in supermarkets rattle disgustingly as soon as you move it from its place? This is done on purpose. With a cart that seems to be about to fall apart, you have to walk slowly and carefully study all the shelves of the store. The color of the grocery basket is also important. Most often it is made red. Psychologists are sure that it is this color that causes appetite, and also calls for impulsive actions, that is, unplanned spending.

Music for hypnosis
How marketers manipulate our consciousness and force us to buy what they want» believes that it is easy to hypnotize a customer with a familiar melody. The rhythmic composition that spreads through the trading floor makes you make spontaneous purchases. Shrill sounds also contribute to a long stay in the store. It is clear that the longer you stay here, the fuller the basket will be. By the way, headphones are also not worth walking around the trading floor. Favorite hits will make it difficult to focus on a specific list of products.

Packing date
Remember: this is not the date of manufacture, which is always unchanged. Often suppliers offer products without packaging, in this case the labels are glued by store employees. This primarily applies to weight products (cheese, sausage, meat, etc.), local culinary dishes, foreign goods without information in Russian, etc. Always carefully study the packaging of the packaged goods, where there should be detailed information about the manufacturer, shelf life, date of manufacture, packing date, weight, price per kilogram, etc.

Two pieces of sausage
In one package, next to the slicing of expensive salami, some third-grade sausage can easily coexist. The buyer will be able to find out about this only at home when he decides to try meat delicacies. The trick will bring profit to the supermarket: a cheap product managed to sell at exorbitant prices.

We are being deceived: 10 supermarket tricks we fall for

A gift for your money
Everyone loves presents, this is used by marketers, coming up with «2 for the price of 1» promotions. An old trick that still gets millions of buyers from year to year. The promotion will really be beneficial if you are given a gift after buying a certain product, and you know exactly the cost of a free thing. Usually, a can of coffee with a souvenir spoon in addition is laid out on the shelves in an attractive package. Only the cost of the same drink without a present is much cheaper. The stock often includes stale goods that have an expiration date.

Looking for a way out of the maze
In order not to fall for the tricks of cunning marketers, you need to navigate the store well. In your hometown, it’s harder to trick you around your finger. Of course, there are no guides to supermarkets, but usually the space is organized in the same way in all grocery outlets.

Juicy fruits and vegetables are located at the entrance. What for? It’s simple: after filling the basket with useful products, the buyer relaxes and is ready to treat the family with something harmful (for example, chips). The bread department attracts with the aroma of freshly baked delicious buns. All major stores must have their own bakeries. Be prepared that essential goods (milk, meat, cereals) are located at different ends of the hall. The logic is simple: while you are looking for pasta, you will definitely come across some sauce that is not in the list of products, but for which there is a discount now. Clearly determine for yourself which departments you need, and avoid unnecessary shelving.

How much to hang in grams
Usually in supermarkets, the weighing of products takes place at the checkout. A great trick, since it is impossible to determine by eye how many kilograms of carrots you have taken. When you realize that you have captured too much, then, of course, you will not put vegetables out of the bag in front of everyone.

Traps for kids
Do you want to save the family budget? Go to the shops without children. They easily fall for the fishing rods that sellers throw. All sweets, toys are always arranged so that the child can easily reach the cherished sweets or a plush bunny. And then try to take away from the baby a gift that he decided to please himself with. Children are little manipulators, as they are perfectly able to benefit from their own observations of their parents. For example, if a mother constantly fulfills all the wishes of her son and daughter, so long as they do not throw a tantrum in front of people, then children will cry and stomp their feet in the store on purpose, demanding to buy a toy. Do not go on about the kids. Before you get money out of your wallet, think carefully about whether you need another doll or a typewriter.

We are being deceived: 10 supermarket tricks we fall for

It’s about the light
Proper lighting of products is half the success. Surely you have noticed that in the store meat, fish, vegetables do not look like at home. Naturally, beef and trout are illuminated with special lamps with a red spectrum. They allow you to remove brown shades and present the product more attractive. Don’t believe your eyes. When shopping in the meat department, do not forget about the basic rules. Fresh meat has a small crust and should not be moist. The flesh is always elastic, and when you press it with your finger, the dent necessarily passes quickly. Yellowness on fat is a sign of stale product. Vegetables and fruits, so as not to lose their presentation, are constantly sprayed with water.

Be careful, you are being filmed
Video surveillance in supermarkets is necessary not only to identify thieves, but also for serious marketing research. Big Brother is watching you closely while you think about what to buy for dinner. The information helps to determine the popular routes of buyers, the most popular products. After the analysis, the redevelopment of the trading floor begins. The reaction of buyers to advertising, promotions, and service also does not escape the eyes of observers.

Don’t go to the supermarket hungry.

You can spend less money if you travel around the supermarket counterclockwise.

Discounts and bonuses are invented so that you buy extra goods.

Avoid large packages.

Supermarkets work only with large suppliers, so dairy products from farms should be looked for in small stores.


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