Unexpected: experts told how fast food affects the child’s psyche

Almost 78% of schoolchildren regularly eat fast food and drink soda. This is a sad result of a study. Fast, tasty and not very expensive, but at the same time harmful to health. Now the specialists of the department have once again reminded: fast food is dangerous. And they told us why.

Firstly, too many calories. This means the risk of developing obesity and concomitant diseases.

A standard lunch of French fries, hamburger, Coca-Cola and dessert contains more than 1000 calories. This is almost half of the daily calorie intake of a junior high school student

Secondly, fast food contains trans fats — about 40% per serving of lunch. Whereas their safe amount for humans is no more than 1% of the daily diet.

Preservatives, flavor enhancers, dyes, extra salt and sugar all this, of course, harms the body. It’s also addictive. I want to eat more and more — it turns out that addiction is akin to computer or even alcohol.

By the way, the danger lies even in the name itself. «Fast», that is, fast. Food that you can eat on the run. The digestive system suffers from such a rush.

Children are in a special risk zone. Scientists from the USA conducted a study and found out: those guys who constantly ate fast food got mental problems. Experts are still trying to understand the mechanism of such an impact, but it is already clear that unhealthy food does not affect teenagers in the best way.

«Young people who regularly visit fast food restaurants are more likely to suffer from increased anxiety, are prone to depressive states, unreasonable aggression, inadequate reactions and suicidal moods,» experts warned.

«Look at the composition of fast food dishes: a long list of ingredients that, in theory, should not be there. Sugar, flavor enhancers, stabilizers, soy, protein substitutes, starches, trans fats, dyes, improvers. All of them are needed to keep food longer and remain attractive to the buyer. But there is no benefit for the body in such a refined product. In addition, due to these ingredients, its caloric content will be much higher.

I would advise avoiding such foods for children, people with overweight, gluten and lactose intolerances, autoimmune diseases, cardiovascular pathologies, diabetes mellitus.»

In addition, doctors have previously stated that it is fast food that can cause an increase in the number of allergic diseases in children. It’s not for nothing that allergies are considered the disease of the century — over the past 30 years, the number of allergy sufferers has increased significantly.

Do you often eat fast food or do you allow children to eat it?
I eat often myself, I don’t give it to the child — I understand that it’s disgusting.
Two or three times a week we go with the whole family to eat hamburgers, we live once.
In our family we do not eat this at all.
Well, maybe a couple of times a month we have a snack, sometimes less often.
I don’t eat myself, and I don’t control the child, for sure, he goes to such cafes with friends.

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