Under the sign of water

Life originated in the water. The proof of this is the fact that the human body − a newborn by 90%, an adult by 70%, and an elderly by 57% – consists of water. It is also a prerequisite for maintaining life. After all, thirst is caused by the loss of even 1% of water from body weight. Our skin is 70% water, but in the upper layers its content is only 10-15%. Regardless of the type, the skin needs this vital element to preserve vitality and beauty. Paradoxically, the less water gets on the epidermis, the better it manages to preserve it. Tip: Do not dry your skin outdoors. Blot it with a napkin. The water on the surface draws out the moisture under the skin, and the result will be the opposite of what you expected, namely, dehydration of the skin. Dehydrated skin loses elasticity, which contributes to the formation of wrinkles. In order to preserve youth and freshness, she needs additional «recharge». And this is the «work» of products containing from 40 to 60% water. Their main advantage is their fast absorbency. Water textures do not overload the skin, allowing it to «breathe». In addition, many active ingredients are well soluble in water. It is worth noting that often not just distilled (purified water with a long shelf life) is used in formulas.

Sprays and tonics
Cosmetologists consider facial tonic to be one of the most important skin care products. It refreshes and cleanses the pores. But it is usually applied in the morning before applying makeup. Face sprays are relevant throughout the day. These «liquid companions» based on water are designed to energize the skin and accelerate cell regeneration with the help of vitamins and plant extracts. So, the extract of red orange removes toxins, and the extract of poppy flowers prevents the appearance of wrinkles. Vitamin C neutralizes free radicals, and vitamin B5 promotes the growth of eyelashes. As a rule, sprays are positioned as moisturizers. However, they do not have the effect of deep hydration. But they can instantly refresh, eliminate dryness and tightness of the skin − for example, on the beach, on an airplane or under the influence of an air conditioner in the office. Sprays or so-called smokes with aromatic fragrances (usually for the body) are used in the heat instead of ordinary perfumes. They do not contain alcohol, which can provoke skin pigmentation under sunlight.

Nowhere without it
Water is a part of all tissues of the human body: 75% in muscles, 20% in bones, 80% in lungs, heart and kidneys, 10% in adipose tissue. Blood plasma is 92% water. The vitreous body of the eye is the richest in water – 99%, and the least of it in the enamel of teeth – 0.2%. The substance of the brain contains 85% water: there its molecules are involved in the formation of information.

If the main purpose of tonics is to remove makeup and raise skin tone, then micellar water removes excess skin fat and dead cells. In fact, micellar water is needed only to cleanse the skin. It is based on a micellar solution consisting of water and fatty acid esters, which, upon contact with the skin, erase dirt without damaging the epidermis and the skin’s own pH. This beauty product is especially recommended for sensitive skin. It irritates her less than gel or foam for removing makeup, which need to be washed off with water. Keep in mind that creams after micellar water are absorbed much faster.

Pure source
In summer, in addition to powder or cream with an SPF filter, a can of refreshing thermal water is our daily «companion». Thermal water, an absolutely natural product rich in minerals, is extracted from underground geysers. People learned about the healing properties of «living water» several centuries ago. Today, whole cosmetic lines are produced on its basis. Throughout the day, she actively «works» for the benefit of our appearance: fixes makeup, relieves inflammation, soothes burns, bites, moisturizes and saturates the skin with essential minerals and trace elements, whose mission is to reduce reactivity, restore balance and strengthen cellular immunity. The result is that the skin becomes more elastic, refreshed and protected from the sun and wind. You can use thermal water for both small children and allergy sufferers. Take into account: to make the effect really refreshing, keep a can of water in the refrigerator.

Flower bouquet
Thermal and floral water take better care of the skin than tonics and make-up remover, due to the higher content of nutrients in them. Flower water is obtained by distilling and evaporating water from plant substances (flowers and leaves). Flower water is a full–fledged skin care product. It can be applied both before the cream to enhance its effect, and after – to consolidate the result. Remember that flower water is just as necessary to select by skin type as any other care product, because it has a pronounced therapeutic effect. The acidity (pH level) of flower water may vary. For example, lavender has a low pH, therefore, it can be used for dry and sensitive skin. Rose water has a fairly high pH and is ideal for reducing enlarged pores and fighting wrinkles.

The basis of humidification
Deprived of the fatty component, water cannot penetrate the epidermis and serve as a «conductor» of active nutrients. However, drying on the surface of the skin, it leaves valuable molecules there (vitamins, trace elements, mineral salts, essential oils, antioxidants). The feeling of comfort arises immediately, however, it is superficial and short-lived.

In the composition of moisturizers, both water and oils are necessarily present – in different proportions. The thicker the consistency of the cream, the more it contains fatty substances (oils), and the more liquid – the more water in it, respectively, it is easier and better absorbed. Another point in favor of water textures: they are suitable for all skin types without the risk of allergies. However, do not forget to pay attention to the other active ingredients of the drug. Oils – of animal or vegetable origin – naturally protect the skin and prevent moisture evaporation. The amount of oils in the products varies from 15 to 30%. The most popular «agents» of secret formulas are oils: jojoba, almond, soy.

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