Tummy is growing: 4 reasons why neither diets nor sports help

To begin with, women should not have a perfectly flat or hollow stomach. The tummy should protrude a little — the subcutaneous fat layer is necessary to protect the pelvic organs from injury, as well as to accumulate the hormone estrogen, responsible for reproductive function.

However, over time, the amount of visceral fat may increase, and an overhanging fold appears in the lower abdomen. That’s just dieting and exercise won’t help. As a rule, excess adipose tissue appears due to malfunctions in the body. And you need to go not to the coach, but to the doctor.

Adipose tissue in the abdominal area is more susceptible to excess stress hormone. If you are constantly in tension, the first thing it will affect the figure. Stressful situations also include excessive consumption of carbohydrates, excessive physical activity, lack of sleep, and a disturbed daily routine. To cope with the load, the body begins to intensively produce cortisol, mobilizing energy that will stimulate the muscles and brain. In normal situations, the hormone will regulate carbohydrate metabolism and strengthen the immune system, and in stressful situations it will be deposited in the form of adipose tissue.

What to do: in this case, the consultation of a preventive medicine specialist will help. It will help to normalize the hormonal background, reduce stress levels with the help of a daily routine and diet.

Muscle problems
Myofascial chains are an important part of our body that allows us to bend in different directions and withstand static and dynamic loads. They are located along the tension lines of the connective tissue from the crown to the feet. The anterior myofascial networks also pass through the abdominal area, and if they are shortened, the skeleton is deformed. The pelvic bones shift, and with them the abdominal organs, which causes a bulging belly. The reasons for such violations are sedentary work or excessive physical exertion, including exercises to strengthen the press. Shortened flexor muscles lead to stooping and deformity of the spine.

Problems with the spine
A person may have weak intervertebral ligaments from birth. Over time, the connective tissue becomes less durable, which also leads to displacement of internal organs. In this case, pumping the press is even dangerous — an increase in intra-abdominal pressure will only worsen the problem.

What to do: in both of these cases, an integrated approach and the work of several specialists at once are necessary. An osteopath and a chiropractor will help to return the bones to the right position. The myotherapist will relax the muscles with a spasm to tighten the stomach.

Tummy is growing: 4 reasons why neither diets nor sports help

Violation of intestinal microflora
Most of the bacteria necessary for the body to work live in the intestines. Any malfunction of the microflora affects many body systems. An unbalanced diet, too many carbohydrates, a heavy dinner — all this affects the function of the gastrointestinal tract. Over time, increased gas formation, pathogenic microbiota develops, which causes bloating. Parasites can also be the cause.

What to do: if you have digestive problems, abdominal pain, you need to contact a gastroenterologist. He will help to find out what the reason is, prescribe treatment and make a diet.

Another way to cope with a bulging tummy is visceral massage. It can only be done by professionals, because with the help of this procedure, specialists put internal organs in place. Due to the improvement of lymph flow, swelling goes away and the abdomen is leveled.

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