Triplets were born in Komi

On August 22, the day of the Komi birthday celebration, triplets were born in the Syktyvkar perinatal center. The case is unique in that the babies were conceived naturally, without the use of IVF. The joyful news was kept secret while the newborns were in intensive care.

According to Leonid Lipsky, the head of the neonatal intensive care unit, it was a day off, but a medical team of 12 people was assembled to help two girls and a boy to be born. Each baby was treated by a separate doctor.

Triplets were born in Komi

«Multiple pregnancies always have complications, so all teams should be ready. The staff and equipment should be ready to help so many children,» the doctor said.

The children were born prematurely weighing 1400 g, however, already on the 16th day the babies were transferred to the rehabilitation department, now there is a positive trend in their condition and they receive breast milk.

Triplets were born in Komi

As L. Lipsky noted, such triplets are a very rare case for the republic. And considering that the young mother was positive about such an addition to the family, the news turned out to be very joyful.

The young mother of Alexander Misharin is already raising a two-year-old daughter, and the triplets were a big surprise for her. The woman says that there were no such cases in the family. The pregnancy proceeded well, only in the last weeks the pressure rose sharply, the birth began prematurely.

Today Ilya, Evgenia and Ksenia are already showing their character. Evgenia is the most lively, and Ilya is very calm. The names of the babies were chosen together with their spouse.

«If God has given children, then we must cope with God’s help,» says Mom.

Triplets were born in Komi

The last time triplets, but after IVF, were born in the Perinatal Center two years ago.

Komin form appealed to the Ministry of Labor of the region with the question of what support measures a mother of four children can count on. The department immediately noted that every baby will receive a gift to the newborn.

In connection with the birth of triplets, regardless of the family income, the mother can count on maternity capital (it is provided by the Pension Fund) and regional family capital.

In addition, A.Misharina’s family became large. For such families in Komi, there are support measures to pay for housing and communal services.

Triplets were born in Komi

If the average per capita income of a family does not exceed twice the subsistence minimum of the able-bodied population established in our republic, a mother can claim to receive a monthly payment in connection with the birth of a third or subsequent children. And if the family has incomes below the subsistence minimum, then you can apply for state social assistance, which is provided for the poor.

You can apply for these support measures, as well as issue a crust for a large family, through the portal of Public Services or at the Center for Social Protection of the Population at the place of residence.

A more detailed consultation on the support measures that are put to the family of A.Misharina, taking into account all the life circumstances of the family, a mother with many children can be given at the center for social protection of the population.

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