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Every modern girl has absorbed the basic truths of facial skin care almost with her mother’s milk: cleansing, moisturizing, nutrition. But deciding at what age it is worth starting to «conjure» over your appearance and how not to make a mistake with choosing the right remedy is not an easy task. After consulting with experts, we have compiled the basic rules for facial care to always look young and beautiful.

Don’t be lazy to take off your makeup
Take note: you should always clean your skin, regardless of whether you use decorative cosmetics or not. Make-up remover allows the skin to breathe, freeing it not only from makeup particles, but also from other contaminants. Only well-cleansed skin is able to absorb the active substances contained in subsequent care products.

Moisturize your skin regularly
The task of the day cream is to help the skin retain moisture under the layer of the epidermis. After all, well-hydrated skin resists time better. Choose products depending on the skin type: light cream − for normal or combination skin, more oily − for dry or sensitive. In summer, use more «airy» textures, in winter – more dense. The main criterion that the cream suits you: it does not tighten the skin, does not leave a greasy shine, does not cause irritation. Another important function of the day cream is to protect the skin from external influences: the sun, tobacco, exhaust gases. Starting from the age of 25, use products with SPF filters and active antioxidants (vitamins E, C, plant polyphenols). They are able to limit the negative impact of the environment.

Make the right choice
Many people, starting from adolescence, may have skin problems – irritation or acne. Due to the increased activity of the sebaceous glands, the skin becomes more oily and turns into a hotbed of these «uninvited guests». In such cases, use a cream with antiseborrheic (fighting excess skin fat) and anti-inflammatory components. Also, a mattifying (regulating fat) cream is suitable for shiny oily skin. It contains active substances that act as mini sponges that absorb excess fat. Oligoelements – copper or zinc – help regulate fat production.

Watch the skin
Collagen is responsible for the strength, elasticity and youthfulness of the skin. At the age of 20, its content in the skin becomes maximum, but by the age of 40 it is almost half of what it was at the age of 20. The natural aging process of the skin cannot be stopped, but it can be slowed down by properly caring for the skin. It is difficult to determine the exact age when you need to start using anti-age products. Everything is individual – after all, no one has canceled the laws of genetics. Look in the mirror: your skin will answer this question by itself. From about the age of 25, use products that prevent the appearance of the first wrinkles and stimulate cellular regeneration. Look for urea, vitamins A, E, C, low molecular weight hyaluronic acid (the smaller the molecule, the deeper it penetrates into the skin) and antiglycan molecules that «protect» collagen. Do not use drugs for more mature skin in the hope of preventing its aging. The result will be the opposite: the skin will get used to such powerful support and stop working independently. After 30 years, with the appearance of deeper wrinkles, use products based on phyto-estrogens (increase elasticity and hydration of the skin) and polypeptides (stimulate the production of collagen and elastin).

If the cream provides the skin with moisture and nutrition, then the palm in skin renewal belongs to the serum. It is necessary during times of stress, severe fatigue, during the change of seasons – when the skin is especially weakened and hardly renewed on its own. If you feel that your usual cream «works» not so effectively, connect the «heavy artillery» and add serum to the diet. It has a much higher concentration of active substances that quickly penetrate the skin and have an enhanced effect. Up to 30 years old, a serum with the formula «first wrinkles», containing retinol, peptides and vitamin C. For mature skin, products containing strengthening (extracts of brewer’s yeast and algae) and whitening (licorice and horse chestnut extract) components are suitable. After 45 years, apply the serum to the neck, decollete area, as well as on your hands.

Get an eye cream
Most often, this «beauty fighter» becomes our first anti-aging remedy. After all, the skin in this delicate area, the most vulnerable and mobile, suffers first of all. Effective skin care around the eyes includes vitamin complexes. Retinol (vitamin A) provides a powerful antioxidant effect. Vitamin C – stimulates collagen synthesis. Vitamin K – fights dark circles.

Don’t forget about the night cream
If the main mission of day creams is protective, then night creams are restorative. It is at night that the skin is renewed and gains strength to resist external stimuli the next day. With age, the skin’s ability to regenerate weakens, so it needs to be stimulated and not to neglect the night cream. Important to know: at night (from 23 to 4 o’clock) the skin loses 4 times more moisture than during the day. As a result, the permeability of the skin increases, so it absorbs the useful ingredients contained in the «night snipers» better.

Trust a professional
For the best result, cosmetologists advise combining home care with salon procedures. It is a professional who is able to choose competent care taking into account the individual characteristics of the skin. VitaBalance moisturizing care of the Skinivage line, Babor, will breathe new life into sun-weary skin thanks to hydrophilic oil, enzyme powder, serum and Sensational Eyes eye cream. This procedure will plunge you into an atmosphere of serenity and peace.

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