The woman left her daughter at the airport and flew off to rest alone

An ambiguous situation occurred in Ireland. There was a ten-year-old girl left all alone at the airport. Her own mother left her.

Samantha O’Conor lives in Dublin and recently purchased a ticket. Anticipating a long-awaited trip to the islands of sunny Greece, the woman and her daughter went to the airport. But there she suddenly found out that the passport of her ten-year-old child just a few days ago ceased to be valid.

But such an unexpected nuisance did not force Samantha to abandon the trip, because a considerable amount was given for it – 3.5 thousand pounds. She just left her daughter in the airport building and flew by plane to the Greek islands.

However, before that, the woman called her husband and asked him to pick up the child. Later, the father had to solve problems with documents and fly with his daughter to his wife to continue their vacation together. But the girl had to wait for a parent all alone for a long time. Surely, this situation has left unpleasant emotions.

The woman left her daughter at the airport and flew off to rest alone

Later, Samantha admitted that she felt ashamed and worried about her daughter. And yet she dreamed of the sun, islands, a beach and a comfortable vacation for two long years, so she made this decision. The trip was already ruined, and the woman did not allow the thought of losing five days at the hotel. She did not think of staying with her daughter in her native Dublin and did not want to give up a paid hotel room, a sunny beach and a warm sea.

The network is discussing Samantha’s act. Some are sure that a woman can even be deprived of parental rights for such a thing, because her behavior is extremely irresponsible. By the way, in the UK and Germany, a negligent mother or father faces criminal liability for abandoning a child under the age of 14. And nothing is yet known about the fate of Samantha and her daughter, who has probably experienced stress.

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