The Wind of change

Fashion for everything natural has become a worldwide trend. Stars and ordinary people become vegetarians, refuse to wear natural fur and prefer organic cosmetics to ordinary ones. Along with this, many brands produce superfoods that promise to replace the surgeon’s scalpel, and some young ladies simply do not dare to make a choice in favor of organic, believing that it does not have similar properties. And in vain. Natural ingredients have incredible biological activity due to the high content of fat-soluble substances and essential fatty acids, which are so necessary for our skin to maintain its youth. Saturate the skin with useful natural substances, completely protect it from the destructive urban atmosphere thanks to its powerful antioxidant properties – only natural remedies can do this.

This also applies to the face care products of the new brands Fruit Forever, O2D-Biotic and Instantly Young, which arrived to us from the USA. They are created in accordance with the most stringent requirements for the production and composition of cosmetics. In addition to moisturizing and protecting the skin, all products fight wrinkles, reduce pigmentation, restore elasticity and radiance of the skin. For example, the innovative O2D-Biotic complex contains dermobiotics – microorganisms that regulate the microflora of the skin and stimulate its protective functions. As a result, the supply of oxygen to cells improves, the deep layers of the epidermis are nourished, the skin remains elastic and tender.

There is nothing better than to merge with nature, according to cosmetologists. The Israeli cosmetics Yes To is based on this principle. In addition to eco-components, the creators of the brand enriched the funds with minerals and Dead Sea mud. Depending on the type of skin, you can choose preparations literally «for taste and color»: cucumber care − for damaged skin of the face and body, carrot − for sensitive, and tomato − for combined and prone to greasiness.

Rare species
The developers of cosmetic companies go headlong into creating extraordinary formulas. About ten thousand cosmetic compositions combining the healing magic of ancient recipes and the latest achievements of science are tested annually. Considering that the skin of every woman’s face has its own problems and needs, the newly minted brand My Blend (translated from English. − «my mix») offers a universal solution for each of us. For this purpose, the brand has developed 8 formulas of basic care in two textures: cream and emulsion, which can be mixed with one of 7 active serums aimed at restoring, replenishing energy and moisturizing the skin. In total, more than 225 individual combinations are possible.

In the fight against various skin changes, experts confidently put acids in the first place. A real beauty bestseller is hyaluronic acid. Cosmetologists hold it in special esteem, because it is the best of the known moisturizing agents. For example, Eraclea scientists have developed a unique component of the HylaSponge ® System. It is a combination of hyaluronic acid molecules of different molecular weights. Each molecule can hold and release a volume of water a hundred times greater than its own, so it works on the principle of a sponge. Due to this amount of moisture in the cells, the skin is smoothed, fine wrinkles are instantly filled in, and deeper ones are reduced after a couple of weeks.

For skin with progressive signs of aging, two-phase care products (Sublime Energy, RoC, ECM Repair Seg, Babor) are ideal. As a rule, this is a concentrate in a duet with an activator cream, which are used consistently in the same quantities and enhance each other’s effect. In a short time, the drugs allow you to achieve the maximum regenerating and rejuvenating effect.

Like clockwork
The latest cosmetic trend is oils. Laboratory experts generously flavor them with face, body and hair care products and assure that it is incredibly useful. For example, almond and avocado oils perfectly fight wrinkles, essential oils of rose and tea tree, frankincense kill bacteria and normalize the activity of sebaceous glands, cypress, apricot kernel and rose oils saturate sensitive and dehydrated skin with moisture, and chamomile, orange blossom and lavender oils relieve irritation.

Argan oil is the most fashionable among all oils. In addition, it is also the most expensive in the world. It is obtained from the fruits of the argan tree, which grows only in the south-west of Morocco. Local women need 20 hours of manual work to get 1 liter of cosmetic oil. The list of its advantages includes recovery after the sun, prevention of stretch marks, strengthening of hair and elimination of all skin imperfections (acne, facial wrinkles, irritation). The recently appeared in Russia hair oil from Canada Moroccanoil based on argan oil has already saved the hair of many celebrities, including Fergie, Salma Hayek, Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez. It is enough to apply a couple of drops to the hair − and they will immediately become smooth and shiny.

A recent innovation is oil mixes. Instead of castor oil, which has long been used to strengthen hair, we have at our disposal mixtures of corn, wheat, olive and even hemp. Many oils are so well purified that they are enclosed in a spray (Kérastase oil spray), which gives shine or serves to protect against external influences, as well as moisturizes and nourishes. Thanks to this property, today oils have become actively used in hair dyes – both professional and home (Garnier Color Naturals with three oils).


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