The sea as medicine: why mom’s vacation is so important for children’s health

When a child is often sick, mothers have a hard time — sleepless nights, doctors, medications. For prevention, we take kids to salt caves, do inhalations, wash children’s noses with salt water, and so on. Do everything possible to harden the body at least a little. And now imagine that all this prevention can be replaced by the sun, sea air and salt water.

1. Bathing
Thanks to the power of salt, such ailments as eczema and dermatitis calm down: the skin becomes healthier, inflammation passes. In children and adults suffering from psoriasis, after exposure to the sun and fresh air, relief usually comes. In addition, the mineral salts present in the water help the healing of the epidermis, giving the skin a real boost of energy.

2. Air
The concentration of iodine in the air creates the effect of a natural aerosol. A walk along the seashore is an ideal exercise for well—being: muscles are trained, the respiratory tract is cleared and the immune system is stimulated, preventing infections and ailments. Deep breathing helps to saturate the blood with oxygen and has a positive effect on metabolism.

3. The sun
The sun is a real panacea, the main thing is not to forget about the appropriate protection. Studies show that exposure to light improves the well-being of the whole body, stimulates growth hormone, promotes a good mood. We are like plants that need light to grow, so we must learn not to think about tanning, but to enjoy the warmth and gentle rays on the skin.

4. Sand
According to experts, walking barefoot is a good habit, and for a baby who takes the first steps, it brings significant benefits. To move barefoot means to assume a natural position, to find balance and to feel the skin contact with the ground as much as possible. The weight is distributed evenly, the muscles are strengthened.

5. The world of nature
Wake up when the air is still cool and enjoy the light that changes throughout the day. To feel the smells and the fresh wind on your skin, to run at breakneck speed on the sand: at any age, these simple actions are filled with magic, because they help us find a connection with the natural world.

The sea as medicine: why mom's vacation is so important for children's health

6. Minimum needs
Playing with sand is a way to train your motor skills and let your imagination run wild. When we immerse ourselves in nature, our needs decrease: you don’t need a lot of toys or special activities. As experts explain, during the holidays it is important to enjoy a real vacation and find time for yourself, to dream, to rediscover the charm of the sunset and the sound of waves.

7. A sense of freedom
Everyday life consists of clearly defined moments, commitments, studies and work. On the beach, we take off our clothes and the roles we wear every day: we stay naked and feel freer, more cheerful, without restrictions. For a child, a beach holiday is an opportunity to plunge into a parallel world, where you can forget about the rules for a moment and enjoy precious freedom.

8. Life without a watch
To plunge into marine life means to explore new places, play with natural elements, meet new friends, communicate with nature and  waste time in vain. Endless days chasing the ball, swimming and playing with friends, watching sunsets and sunrises: give yourself the opportunity to live these days following your instinct.

10. Delicious food
Explore the local cuisine, discover new places and tastes. The child will like bright vegetables and fruits, which he may not have seen before. Go to a cooking class with him, learn how to cook dishes that you can then reproduce at home, and they will remind you of your joint sea adventure. Find out what events are planned at your hotel.

The sea as medicine: why mom's vacation is so important for children's health

10. Complete relaxation
Breathe in the brackish air rich in mineral salts, run barefoot on the sand, free your mind and stay motionless for hours, doing nothing, immersed in the blue and lulled by the sound of waves, looking at the expanses of salt water: the simplicity of this rare alchemy turns staying at sea into a natural meditation. Thanks to the production of endorphins, deep relaxation, physical and mental, is achieved. The body is more trained and active, the mind becomes light. A charge of energy that can be carried in the heart all year round.

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