The impossible is possible: a fish «found» a lost wedding ring

Right now, on Norfolk Island, in the Pacific Ocean, a grandiose event is unfolding by local standards. Everyone who has scuba gear or nets is trying to catch a single mullet. This fish became a celebrity after it turned out that she was wearing a ring. And not just any lost wedding ring!

If it wasn’t for these pictures, no one would have believed it

The impossible is possible: a fish "found" a lost wedding ring

It was like this — Nathan Reeves, a resident of Sydney, came to the island to visit friends, relax in a tropical paradise. With his wife, who constantly nagged him about the wedding ring — it was not the right size and kept falling off his finger, Reeves had almost lost it a couple of times. And so during the next diving it happened, I dived with a ring, and surfaced without. By the way, $1000! They searched, of course, but the depth was great and there was no sense.

And a few months later diver Susan Pryor saw it

The impossible is possible: a fish "found" a lost wedding ring

According to Susan, she had already seen a mullet that got stuck in plastic rings from bottles, so the fact itself did not surprise her. And yes, she had heard the story about the Australian clumsy, so she quickly compared the facts. Besides, the fish looked pretty exhausted, because the metal is heavy. Alas, at that meeting, Susan didn’t have anything to catch fish with, so I had to settle for a photo.

A fish with a ring is swimming here — we will catch it!

His wife demanded that Nathan go to the island and return the ring, local fishermen arranged an unspoken competition — I want to return the ring and help the fish get rid of the burden.

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