The idle Moon: how it affects our lives — explains the astrologer

The gravitational field of the Moon affects the oceans, creating tides. Our body consists of 80% water, so we also experience its influence. The force with which the satellite affects the body depends on the phase: new moon, growth, full moon, decline. The moon is the personification of the feminine and maternal principle, so it affects the weaker sex more than men.

Usually, girls and women are not easily given a full moon period. The mood changes almost every minute: from joy and delight to depression and tearfulness. For men, on the contrary, the full moon is an excellent period with overflowing vital and sexual energy, when they are able to set goals and achieve them. But in the new moon they experience apathy, aggression, lethargy.

But there are time periods that affect everyone equally. This is an idle Moon, or a Moon without a course. What does it mean? The moon stops running for a while and stops interacting with the planets of our Solar System. Such a «lull» lasts from several hours to a day and repeats on average two / two and a half days. The number of such special periods in each month is different.

How it works
The moon plays a significant role in the events taking place only when it «comes into contact» with the planets. The old astrological rule says: there is an aspect (interaction) — there is an event, there is no aspect — there is no event. The idle Moon is a serious factor that determines the course of all everyday life spheres: health, study, business, etc. Therefore, the more you know about such an influence, the easier it is to plan your life and lay straws when necessary.

Remember: as long as the Earth’s satellite does not move from the dead point, nothing significant and cardinal will happen. No matter how hard we try and no matter how much effort we invest, we will not achieve what we want. Fortunately, it won’t be long to wait for another period. It is possible to develop violent activity only when the Moon makes a transition to a new sign and begins to interact with the planets. So, it will give us the opportunity to start. In the meantime, we take a break and put things on pause.

The idle Moon period is a time of emotional outbursts, distraction, aggression, unexpected, ineffective decisions. In addition, chronic diseases worsen, there is an inexplicable lethargy and a craving for doing nothing. Nature seems to tell us: exhale, relax, think, is it worth cutting from the shoulder in an effort to achieve what you want?

What is forbidden
The idle Moon confuses, disrupts the plans of not only people, families, but even states. During these periods, you need to learn how to act according to circumstances. It would be good to show flexibility of mind, try to control emotions and not rush to conclusions.

During this period, the perception of information is often distorted, people can be deceived because they do not understand what is happening or do not fully assess the situation. At such moments, plans, arrangements, trips are disrupted. New ideas appear that are actually useless and may remain empty, unrealized or lead to losses.

During the idle Moon, it is better to double-check the documents and count the money without leaving the cash register. This time is unfavorable for cases that are aimed at concrete results. If you want something important to happen and end safely, wait out the Moon period without a course.

So, it is highly undesirable:

make serious decisions;

confess your love;

open a bank account;

send an important parcel;

write a request;

conclude contracts;

buy/sell an apartment or a car;

visit a dentist;

assign an operation;

meet with a potential employer;

go to the registry office;


apply for a mortgage and borrow a large amount;

start a business.

Changing the minus to a plus
The idle Moon can be used to your advantage if you plan things that do not require radical solutions. For example, in court, you can intentionally delay the case. If there is a real opportunity to slow down the process without harming yourself, you need to use it, and the Moon will help — everything will remain in the same positions, nothing will change.

Rest during this period will be especially beneficial, so allow yourself to relax and enjoy your favorite activity. If there is no way to reboot, do your daily chores: disassemble the china cabinet, pantry, put things in order in the loggia. At work, it’s time to delve deeper into the «turnover», discuss plans with the authorities, prepare theses for future negotiations, and think about a development strategy.

A person cannot be constantly in action, continuously monitor everything around and infinitely control the situation. Idle Moon for stress relief is the best period: plan a massage course, spend a quiet evening reading a book, go to the cinema. It is sometimes useful for our consciousness to switch in order to tackle complex tasks with renewed vigor.


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