The doctor told how to distinguish sweating in a child from allergies and other diseases

In the heading «Ask an expert a question», our reader Jack asks:

«My newborn daughter has a lot of red pimples on her body. What is it — ordinary sweating or allergies? Or maybe something else? Is it worth sounding the alarm? And how can this be cured?»

Sweating is one of the frequent infant rashes, especially in the hot season. It develops when a small person overheats. An adult would have sweated at this moment and thus cooled down. In babies, the ducts of the sweat glands can be closed with keratin at the level of the upper layer of the skin. Therefore, the sweat secret remains inside. It may look like transparent thin-walled bubbles or small red papules (bumps) and pustules (pustules).

How to distinguish sweating from other skin diseases?
Sweating differs from other skin rashes in appearance and causes of occurrence. For example, atopic dermatitis looks like itchy red foci (not like sweating). Acne of newborns is located mainly on the face, and sweating is more on the body.

An allergic reaction in infants is less common than other typical childhood rashes, develops quite quickly and has a relationship with a specific factor.

To find out how the rash occurred in your baby, it is worth contacting a pediatrician or dermatologist.

Your doctor will ask you questions:

how long ago did the rash appear?

what preceded it?

does the rash bother the child?

What is possible and what is not possible to treat sweating in newborns?
Sweating is a self—passing condition. As a rule, the rash does not bother the baby in any way. No special medications, ointments and diets are required. All we need to do is try to reduce sweating:

cool air at home. 18-22 degrees is the ideal temperature;

air baths;

washing with cool water;

bathing in non—hot water – 34-36 degrees;

lightweight clothing made of natural fabrics;

sometimes sweating can itch. Then we can use lotions with zinc to dry the elements somewhat and reduce itching.

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