The doctor named the foods that can not be eaten for dinner

Let’s start with the good news — you can have dinner after 18:00, hooray! But the choice of products should be approached responsibly. We tell you which products in the evenings should be abandoned once and for all.

Pastries and sweets
All these are fast carbohydrates, which immediately give a boost of energy (and this is not what we strive for before going to bed), but do not saturate for a long time. After a few hours, you will feel hungry again, and it will not be easy to resist having a snack at night. Bread takes a long time to digest and in the afternoon, when activity is minimal, it is likely to be processed into fat.

Fruits and berries
It would seem harmless food, but no. Sweet fruits contain a large amount of fructose. It raises the glucose level in the body and stimulates the production of insulin. After a short period of time, you will feel hungry again. All this is fraught with overeating and the addition of unwanted kilograms.

In addition, fruits are slowly processed and move through the intestines, the fermentation process can begin. As a result — bloating, discomfort, flatulence, which definitely do not contribute to a restful sleep.

If you want to eat something, drink some water. Yes, yes, ordinary drinking still water. Because sometimes we mistake thirst for hunger. In addition, by filling the stomach a little, we can distract ourselves from thoughts about food.

Red meat
This protein-rich product is best left for lunch. This is because it contains the amino acid tyrosine, which increases the level of adrenaline in the blood, excites the nervous system and keeps the body awake.

The doctor named the foods that can not be eaten for dinner

Nuts, avocado, vegetable oil, fatty fish
Very healthy, but very high-calorie food. So it’s better to eat it in the morning. For reference: 100 grams of nuts contain more than 500 calories. Moreover, these products contain a large amount of fats, in order to assimilate them, the body needs to spend a lot of energy. But there is no time for this — all processes slow down, including digestive ones. But fat deposits can form.

Pickles and canned food
Such products should be consumed in moderation at any time of the day, and even more so in the evening. Pickles are heavy food for the stomach. In addition, it retains fluid in the body, so it’s worth giving up crispy cucumbers if you don’t want to wake up the next morning with a swollen face.

Fresh vegetables
Rich in fiber, they bring a lot of benefits to the body — at any time, but not before bedtime. Because it also takes a lot of time to digest it. It turns out that the body needs to rest, but at the same time it needs to somehow process the incoming food. As a result, none of the processes — neither rest nor digestion — will go well.

What is better to eat at night?
In dietetics, in addition to calculating calories, the time of eating is also taken into account. The fact is that in the afternoon the activity of the digestive system decreases, and all processes proceed a little slower. Therefore, it is recommended to choose foods that will be easier for the body to digest and assimilate. For example, a small portion of vegetables and stewed or boiled white meat, lean fish is an ideal option.

The second important point is that the last dense meal should be no later than 3 hours before going to bed. During this time, the stomach will have time to digest a significant part of the food, and will not be overloaded at night. If you get into the habit of eating before going to bed, it will affect your appearance (intestinal problems are reflected on the skin), figure (extra pounds due to digestive problems will not keep you waiting), health and well-being (in the morning you will not feel rested, because the body will not be able to recover properly).

Well, if you really want to chew something, you can drink a glass of milk or kefir or eat boiled protein without yolk.

By the way
Recently, scientists have told how to eat milk chocolate correctly to lose weight. It turns out that this delicacy does not harm, even if you sin with a couple of pieces at night. On the contrary, the waist volume decreases, excess fat from the abdomen goes away.

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