The child’s teeth have fallen out, but new ones do not grow. What to do.

In our section «Ask an expert a question», reader Sue asks:

«The child is 7 years old 10 months. In May, four front upper teeth fell out, and the permanent ones still do not grow. What should we do? Which specialist should I contact? What vitamins should I drink to eliminate such a problem? Or is it not a problem at all?»

— In this case, only vitamin D can be recommended from vitamins. However, it cannot be taken without a doctor’s supervision and tests, and the dosage should be according to the instructions. Regarding other deficiencies, it is better to contact a pediatrician, take tests and only after that take something or not take it.

To speed up the eruption a little, you can massage the gums with your finger or silicone brushes.

In the absence of deficiencies, there are no other methods of influence, only massage and patience. The rate and time of eruption are genetically determined. So you won’t be able to influence it much.

You can also take an X-ray, which will show at what stage of the eruption of the rudiment, whether all the rudiments of permanent teeth are in place.

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