The child tries to walk at 7 months: the doctor explained why it is dangerous

When some mothers begin to tell that their children went to 7 months, others look at them as a boastful fisherman who caught «such a pike». It is understandable: according to the norms of development, the baby is just starting to sit at six months, what are the first steps here.

But there really are children who are in a hurry, who can’t wait to get up, go, run, not paying attention to any norms there.  A young woman became a mother in mid-December, on July 13 her son will be 7 months old.

«I walk into the room, and he’s… standing! — the proud mother wrote. — A big step for a little man. Moms will understand. The family is happy, but I’m worried «is it too early». The doctor assures me that since he has been crawling since 5 months, everything is according to plan…»

Alina posted a short video. It can be seen that the boy is not only standing at the support, but is already trying to let go of the handles and even tapping his foot — almost the first steps.

In the comments, the subscribers supported the actress, telling the stories of their children. Someone’s son went at 8 months old, someone at this age was already walking himself holding onto furniture, and at 9 he went on his own. There were even earlier stories.

«The eldest daughter crawled at 4.5 months, and rose to her feet at 5.5,» said one of the mothers.

Nevertheless, many people have a question: is it not dangerous for the child. After all, at this age, the spine is still very weak and the vertical position is an additional load on it.

«There are norms of physical development of the child. On average, the baby begins to stand with support at the age of 8-9 months, to walk without support by 10-12 months. In the case of a 7-month-old child, it is rather not about the first steps, but about the fact that the baby is trying to keep his balance.

How is it dangerous? Firstly, excessive load on the spine, especially if the child weighs more than normal. Secondly, the baby may not be able to resist and fall, hit. In the future, if it does not work out, he may get upset and then be afraid to walk.

But if a child at this age is already actively crawling, getting up, walking himself along the walls and furniture, then he is actually ready for the first steps. Of course, it is not necessary to limit the baby, but it is necessary to monitor the process and control it.

To prepare the child for the first steps, you can lead him barefoot by the handles and supporting his armpits. Walkers are also acceptable, but at a minimum — they can cause the acquired curvature of the legs, since the child in the walker pushes off from the surface of the outside of the foot. In addition, you need space to walk. Children are still crooks, if they can move from support to support, then they will not need to let it out of their hands.»

4 signs that the baby will start walking early

He has a well—developed muscular system – he was actively engaged in infant swimming, underwent a massage course, and his parents often play outdoor games with him.

The baby is not overweight. The heavier the child, the more difficult it is for him to keep the balance.

The child has no chronic diseases. For those who have them, a delay in the development of walking skills for 1-1.5 months is acceptable.

The kid is active, temperamental. The more active a child is, the more likely his early development is.

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