The child is allergic to milk and chicken. Will it pass with age.

In the heading «Ask an expert a question», our reader Maria asks:

«My son is one and a half years old. The child is allergic to chicken and all milk. Even after yogurt, it becomes covered with a rash. Will the child be able to outgrow the allergy? Do I need to treat an allergy or will it go away by itself? Should I be tested for allergens?»

The doctor: «Reducing the number of platelets in the blood is life—threatening»
– In fact, no one with absolute certainty will say that the allergy will pass with age. Most often, if you let things take their course or treat incorrectly, you risk starting the disease and provoking the development of complications. Allergies are only getting worse, the spectrum of allergens is expanding, new symptoms appear, an «atopic march» may begin, which will lead to bronchial asthma.

It is necessary to completely exclude direct contact with the allergen, exclude allergens from the diet and undergo comprehensive treatment as prescribed by an allergist-immunologist.

The only method of treatment is ASIT (allergen-specific immunotherapy), which has been allowed in Russia since the age of five, but is not suitable for everyone. In your case, you need to undergo an allergy examination and identify a causally significant allergen. Such tests can be taken from an early age.

When a rash appears, the child must be examined by a pediatrician to understand that it is an allergic rash or something else. The fact is that the rash does not always have an allergenic nature. The same symptom can be in other diseases, and quite dangerous. So, a rash is one of the symptoms of meningitis. After the examination, the pediatrician will prescribe an examination and, if necessary, refer you to an allergist-immunologist.

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