«The child has had a fever for a month. What is the reason»

In our section «Ask an expert a question», reader Angela asks:

«A two-year-old child has had an elevated temperature for a month. They did everything they could, X-rays, PCR tests, tests for cytomegalovirus, herpes — everything was negative. According to the pediatrician, there was pneumonia, then bronchitis was diagnosed. An antibiotic was injected for a week, but the temperature remained at 37.5. At the same time, the child behaves actively, nothing bothers him.

Another pediatrician said that there is no pneumonia in the picture and you need to be examined for parasites. As a result, giardia was found. They prescribed antiparasitic treatment, but aggressive drugs scare me. In addition, according to the pediatrician, giardia can not give a temperature for so long. What is the temperature from then?»

— Of course, it is impossible for a doctor to prescribe treatment without seeing a child. I recommend seeking a second opinion from an experienced specialist. It is necessary to examine the patient, find out the anamnesis not only of the disease, but also of life, the prenatal and postpartum period, evaluate the data of laboratory examinations, ultrasound, X-rays, etc.

As I understood from the description of the situation, the child was coughing. Therefore, data on vaccination, in particular BCG, as well as the results of the Mantoux reaction are needed.

It is necessary to find out how and when parents measure the temperature.

In cases of subfebrile (within 37-38 ° C) prolonged temperature, it is recommended to measure simultaneously under two armpits with two different thermometers in the morning and during the day, when the child is sitting quietly, and not during physical activity.

Regarding giardia, it is important which analysis was passed and who interpreted it. In addition, with this disease, the child needs a consultation with a gastroenterologist.

— With giardiasis, there will never be a temperature. Therefore, you need to look for another reason in the body. You write that you found giardia, but do not specify by what method. For a detailed consultation, you need to specify the material that the child donated (feces or blood). It is very important.

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