The child did not learn to crawl, immediately began to walk. Is it good or bad

In our section «Ask an expert a question» reader Rita asks:

«The son (10 months) has never crawled, but he is already standing at the support and is about to go. The pediatrician says that this is wrong and you need to teach the child to crawl. Explain what’s so scary about my baby just developing faster?»

The child must crawl! And the baby should crawl away for at least 2 months. In a child who skips this stage, interhemispheric connections are disrupted in the brain, their synchronization suffers. In the future, this may be fraught with problems with speech and learning, as well as with coordination.

Yes, it is possible to establish interhemispheric connections both by sports and by dancing.
But at the age of one year, everything is done faster, easier and in a natural way — on all fours.

The experience of mothers confirms that children who have dispensed with fours often start talking later and face difficulties in elementary school. It is not necessary that this will happen to your son, but there is a risk.

Of course, there is no need to forbid standing. But the child should still be encouraged to crawl. Often, children who have already started to go back to the fours.

Help options: pull toys on a string, stimulating the baby to crawl to them (there should be no support nearby so that he cannot get up), roll the ball, keep the cat at a distance if the child likes to squeeze him.

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