The best toy is Mom’s tail!

The future king of nature at a tender age is not much different from other animal children and you can see for yourself. Yaron Schmid, the organizer of safari tours in the Serengeti, took these stunning pictures at the beginning of the month. According to him, he had never seen such lion cubs before.

The best toy is Mom's tail! The best toy is Mom's tail!

And it was like this: a lion with cubs in the midday heat lay down to take a nap under a rock. But if mom was sleeping peacefully, then the kids wanted entertainment. And then the lioness makes a mistake — he moved his tail. «Mouse!» probably thought the most mischievous lion cub. And he rushed to catch the brush on his tail, and the others followed him. The big cat stubbornly tried not to notice the problem, but her instincts made her beat her tail in irritation, which only provoked the cubs. And now, after a whole quarter of an hour of torment…

The best toy is Mom's tail! The best toy is Mom's tail!

As you understand, the parental shout was not enough for long… And it is clear that Mom is not seriously angry, which means that the game will certainly continue! Oh, these kids, whoever they are.

The best toy is Mom's tail!

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