The baby’s baby teeth fell out early. What to do.

In our section «Ask an expert a question», our reader Sia asks:

«My son is only 4.5 years old, and he has already lost two central upper incisors. Although, as far as I know, they should fall out closer to school. What could be the reason? And do I need to do what now? I have heard that there are special children’s dentures for such cases.»

— Baby teeth do not fall out just like that. Baby teeth have roots that are resorbed, that is, they dissolve during the eruption of a permanent tooth. This is a physiological process that does not require wearing plates or prostheses.

If the milk tooth has fallen out, and the permanent one still does not erupt, then you can take tests for deficiencies and take an X-ray, which will show at what stage of eruption the rudiment, whether all the rudiments are in place. Because it happens that there is no permanent tooth germ. But in this case, the milk tooth rarely falls out, because if the permanent tooth does not erupt, then the roots of the milk tooth do not dissolve.

If there was an early removal of baby teeth, then dentures or plates may be needed to keep a place for a permanent tooth. It will depend on the age at which a particular tooth was removed and at what stage it is permanent.

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