The baby was born with a funny facial expression that amused everyone

Stacey Leming lives in the UK and is thirty-three. Two years ago, the girl became the mother of a girl who was named Jersey. And recently, Leming decided to publish pictures taken by obstetricians right in the process of childbirth. They depict a newborn daughter, and she looks very unusual.

Jersey was born on time as an ordinary healthy child, but she surprised everyone with her face: its expression was so unusual for a baby that even Stacy herself was impressed and remembered the appearance of the baby for life, which is not surprising at all.

The frame shows that Jersey seems to be very upset or offended by something. Her small eyebrows are furrowed, the corners of her mouth are lowered, and her eyes, though not open, seem to express all the world’s pain. Many users of the social network, after seeing the photo, suspected the young mother of Leming of using Photoshop, but this information was immediately refuted.

The baby was born with a funny facial expression that amused everyone

Stacy admitted that she was very surprised when she saw the first pictures of her little daughter. She ironically wrote that her face must have been so upset because she knew that in a couple of years the planet would be under the rule of a coronavirus pandemic. The tiny girl seemed to know about some global catastrophes, but could not tell the whole world about them. Watching the girl’s facial expressions was incredible, as Leming admitted.

Mom said that her daughter is the fourth child in the family. Leming also has three sons: the youngest Brooklyn is only four, Leo is seven, and the eldest Maddison is already thirteen. All the boys were born chaotically: Stacy had an emergency Caesarean section three times, so it was not possible to observe what was happening.

The baby was born with a funny facial expression that amused everyone

And in the case of the daughter, the operation was carried out according to plan and exactly on the appointed day. The doctors included a composition by Lana Del Rey, which probably upset the baby, because she just didn’t like it. Stacy jokes that everyone seemed happy then, except for the daughter who was born.

Followers and friends of the baby’s mom with active facial expressions compared the Jersey baby with the Grumpy Cat, which has become a network meme, that is, an Angry cat, whose muzzle also always looks upset and sad. And the similarity is really noticeable.

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