Tea: when the baby can drink it — the doctor answers

It can be introduced into the child’s diet after a year. The tea contains caffeine, which can have an exciting effect on the child. At the same time, this drink quenches thirst well, warms, it has a lot of biologically active components that are useful to the baby. In terms of caffeine content, green and red (for example, karkade varieties) teas are the record holders — 60-120 mg in one cup. There is the least stimulating ingredient in white tea, but its leaves are least processed. Because of this, they contain a lot of extractive substances that can complicate the baby’s digestion process. That’s why nutritionists and pediatricians recommend choosing traditional black leaf tea for children. It is brewed at the rate of 0.5 g (literally a pinch) of dry product per day. The caffeine, tannins, and phenolic compounds contained in it have a tonic effect on the body, increase physical performance, expand the vessels of the brain, and enhance the secretion of gastric juice. So, this is the drink of the first half of the day. It is better to offer it for the first and second breakfast, for lunch or afternoon tea, in principle, it is also not forbidden. Make a choice in favor of decaffeinated varieties.

The taste and aroma of tea will enrich fresh berries or apple slices. You can use raspberry leaves, currants, strawberries, chamomile flowers.

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