Strong and independent: which women are more likely to have boys

Scientific approach
Doctors believe that the gender of the unborn child depends on the fathers. It is known from an elementary biology course that a woman transmits only the X chromosome, and a man transmits XY. When a sperm with an X chromosome participates in fertilization, a girl is born, and a boy with a Y chromosome is born. The main mystery is to understand which of the chromosomes will become predominant during intimacy. There are certain nuances here. For example, ovulation day is ideal for conceiving a son. We must not forget about genetics: in families where girls are born more often, there are more chances of granddaughters being born.

«Male chromosomes are faster and lighter,» the doctor comments. — They usually live for about two days, so they are more likely to give birth to a first-born boy if conception occurs on the day of ovulation (plus or minus a day). After two days of ovulation, the hormonal background is already favorable for the conception of a girl. In general, up to 12 weeks, the sex of the child can be found out by a genetic blood test, there is also an additional test to determine the sex of the embryo.»

A woman with character
If you dream of a son, marry strong and independent women with a strong character. There is a scientific explanation for this. In the first days of life, the embryo has no sex, and in order for a boy to be born, his mother’s body must be dominated by the male hormone testosterone. In nature, too, this is how it works: only a healthy and hardy female can leave behind good offspring. Monarchs were guided by this method when choosing brides. It was important for the royals to give birth to an heir.

Strong and independent: which women are more likely to have boys

The rich give birth to boys
In 2009, Dutch scientists made a sensational statement. Their study, which involved more than one hundred thousand women from the Republic of Rwanda (a country in East Africa), showed that the sex of the unborn child is related to the financial situation of their parents. Boys are born where the living conditions are more comfortable, and mothers occupy a high position.

In third world countries where polygamy is allowed, the spouses of one man differ in status and position. According to the results of the study, scientists came to the conclusion that those women who play the role of servants give birth to girls. On the contrary, beloved wives close to the king give sons. By the way, it is much cheaper to raise a daughter than a son. At least, that’s what the people of Rwanda think.

«It is interesting that in the animal world, you can also trace a similar pattern: it is more profitable to give birth to girls in weak families,» says the biologist. — Any female (even a sick one) can leave offspring, but it is important for her that the genus continues. And this is possible only at the birth of female offspring, which individuals in any case will become mothers. It is better for males to be born in a comfortable environment, since a healthy male is able to leave behind even more strong cubs. The Travers-Willard hypothesis is based on this theory. Scientists have traced the relationship between the sex of animals and their hereditary qualities. Let’s say that strong males give birth to boys, unlike their frail counterparts. But beautiful females give birth to girls more often. You can’t fool nature.»

In 2005, the English psychologist Satoshi Kanazawa continued to investigate the Travers-Willard theory. The scientist was convinced that a bright hereditary trait affects the sex of the unborn child. So, Satoshi found that tall men are more likely to have boys, and low — girls. Today, such a hypothesis is controversial

Be less nervous
Stress can also affect the sex of the child. If a woman is constantly nervous, worried about her own health, eats poorly, then subconsciously she needs to give birth to a girl who is more resilient than boys. Also, historians, following scientists, note that women who were subjected to serious tests during pregnancy (major terrorist attacks, loss of a loved one, wars), bore daughters.

This can be explained from a scientific point of view. Due to nervousness, hormonal failure occurs in the body, which interferes with the normal development of the fetus. Sensitive embryos, which are usually male, die, and the hardier female ones survive.

Strong and independent: which women are more likely to have boys

Beats — it means there will be a boy
There is a theory by Satoshi Kanazawa that boys are born more often in families where fights often take place. However, the scientist did not find out who is more guilty of conceiving a son: a brawler father or a beaten mother. The scientist has been observing hundreds of English and American families for several years. Indeed, women suffering from male violence became mothers of sons. Quiet fathers, idolizing wives, have daughters.

Think positively
Happy women who are ready to give energy to a little person, take care of him and love him, more often become mothers of boys. When a woman is oppressed, she lacks tenderness and care, then, most likely, the Universe will give her a daughter. Only a girl is able to replenish energy and make her mother happier.

«Despite all the theories of scientists, no doctor will be able to guess the sex of your child without ultrasound,» says the doctor. — Moreover, new studies appear every year, and the question of which sperm with which chromosome set will be the first to reach the egg at the time of ovulation remains open. It’s a mystery. Yes, it is known that female spermatozoa move slower than male ones. It is not for nothing that spermatozoa with a Y-chromosome are called sprinters (short-distance running). Who will win this race is unknown.»

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