Special case: complementary food for an allergic baby

For children with allergies, the optimal time for the introduction of complementary foods is 5-6 months. It has now been proven that delayed administration (after 6 months) does not contribute to the prevention of allergies. They begin feeding only when the ailment «calms down» and its symptoms begin to wane. It is necessary to offer new items to the baby, carefully observing his reaction.

Careful monitoring
Start acquaintance with a new product with a meager portion, literally at the tip of a teaspoon. First give a new product, then a familiar one. Observe the reaction for 1-2 days. If everything is in order, gradually increase the portion until it reaches the volume required by the age of the baby.

Getting used to unfamiliar food usually takes 5-6 days. At this time, do not give the child other novelties and carefully monitor whether there is a rash or redness on the skin (such symptoms are called dermatitis by doctors), abdominal pain, regurgitation, diarrhea or constipation.

Cancel or continue?
When problems arise, a new product must be canceled, otherwise it can only lead to an exacerbation of allergies. But you can only take a break for a while: after 2-3 weeks, try to repeat the experiment.

If the reaction is repeated or intensified, be sure to consult your doctor, he may recommend antihistamines. In this case, it will be necessary to introduce the child to new products according to an individual schedule agreed with the pediatrician and allergist.

With the introduction of new products, while the allergic reaction of the crumbs is in full swing, you also need to wait, but you should not refuse the already familiar dishes. If the baby’s allergy cannot be corrected with the help of a diet and its manifestations are constantly present, look for its cause not in food, but in something else (for example, the reaction may be to animal hair, mold fungi). In this case, the child should be assigned an additional examination.

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