So that the face «does not slip»: gymnastics for beauty and youth

Especially for female readers a specialist in a unique technique of gymnastics for the face, chose the most important exercises for the face, told and showed how to perform them.

The full course of gymnastics for the face consists of 13 exercises, we will do 3. Mainly in order not to overwork, besides, these three will work on all the muscles of the face, so qualitative changes will definitely come.

Who needs it. Each of us has its own weak zones — the emerging double chin, a flabby neck, wrinkles on the forehead and in the corners of the eyes, an indistinct oval of the face, a tired look, a crease between the eyebrows or drawn nasolabial folds. During pregnancy, pigmentation and improper functioning of the sebaceous glands may be added to the list. All these problems are solved by gymnastics for the face, thanks to which not only muscles are tightened and returned to tone, but also blood flow and metabolism are normalized. The result of the classes is elastic skin and beautiful color.

The main thing in this case is to develop a habit. Anastasia, who has been teaching gymnastics for 6 years, noticed that it takes only three weeks. The main thing is not to take breaks and what at first will be given with an effort of will will soon turn into a pleasant activity, and then into a mandatory ritual, like brushing teeth in the morning and cleansing the skin of cosmetics in the evening. The first results are visible after 7-10 days — and you won’t want to stop there!

By the way!
If you devote 10 minutes a day to facial gymnastics during pregnancy, the photos on the day of discharge from the hospital will depict not a woman tired of childbirth, but a goddess of beauty!

How to do it right: of course, it is best to attend a course where you can learn everything about the structure and location of the facial muscles and how to do exercises correctly. But you can start at home with the simplest classes.

Where to start: wash your hands and face, however, the presence of cosmetics does not matter much, the main thing is the cleanliness of your hands. The exercises are aimed at working out the muscles around the eyes, nasolabial folds and the oval of the face. Let’s get started!

Lifting the eyelids
Will help: strengthen the circular eye muscles, restore the tone of the lower and upper eyelids, increase blood flow to the eyes and resist withering.

So that the face "does not slip": gymnastics for beauty and youth

Method of execution: for the starting position, place the index fingers over the bridge of the nose between the eyebrows so that they touch each other with their nails. Place the thumbs, bent in an arc, under the lower eyelids at the outer edge of the eye, so that the nails touch the skin. Imagine that you are portraying glasses or a fox.

Close your eyes tightly and pull your index fingers up a little between your eyebrows, and pull your thumbs towards your ears (slightly above them). Try to close your eyes even harder. Keep breathing evenly. Now, to create even more resistance, stretch your face forward and pull your shoulders back. Hold this position until you count to 40.

We fill the skin with energy
It will help: tighten the contour of the face, restore lost muscle tone and expressive facial features.

So that the face "does not slip": gymnastics for beauty and youth

Method of execution: Open your mouth and pull the corners of the lips in the direction of the teeth: the upper lip should cover the teeth from above, and the lower one, respectively, from below. Strain your mouth, don’t smile. With your fingers, make circular movements without touching the face, move your fingers in the direction from the corners of the lips to the cheekbones. Imagine how your face is filled with energy. Repeat until you feel a burning sensation in the corners of your mouth. Perform another 30 small pulsations in a circle, counting to 30.

Raise the corners of the lips
It will help: lift the corners of the lips, remove creases above the upper lip and around the mouth.

So that the face "does not slip": gymnastics for beauty and youth

Technique: starting position: tense corners of the mouth, like tight knots. Imagine sucking them into your back teeth. Place your index fingers on the corners of your mouth without stretching or pressing on the skin.

Hold the tension by lifting the corners of your mouth in a barely noticeable smile. Now imagine how they go down, as if you are a little upset. Visualize how they rise and fall.

Pull your fingers away from the corners of your mouth and make small pulsating movements up and down. Continue pulsating until you feel a burning sensation in the corners. Then remove your fingers and use them to make rapid pulsating movements up and down. This will increase the burning sensation.

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