Simple tricks: 7 ways to look younger than your age

Increase your vitamin C intake
This is one of the best ways to look younger. Vitamin C stimulates the production of collagen in the skin, which allows it to stay fresh and young. Vitamin C works well on the skin of the whole body, so it is important to include foods rich in it in your daily diet. Eat oranges, bell peppers, kiwis, grapefruits, tomatoes and strawberries.

Eat more protein
Protein plays an important role in almost every aspect of the work of skin cells — this applies to both collagen production and cell renewal. This makes it a vital nutrient that must be present on your table. Choose low-fat protein, such as fish, beef fillet, pork tenderloin, chicken breasts. Low—fat dairy products, eggs, nuts and beans are also excellent sources of protein.

Simple tricks: 7 ways to look younger than your age

Make salads with butter
Mayonnaise — maybe it’s delicious, but unhealthy. Believe me, salads with butter are much better. Try mixing a little olive or rapeseed oil with vinegar, and season this mixture with vegetable salad. When you eat greens with olive oil, and not with mayonnaise, your body is saturated with vitamins A, E and other antioxidants much more effectively. Besides, it’s healthier! This salad will help in the fight against free radicals and will help keep your skin young and glowing regardless of age.

Do not use powder
Powder is an excellent cosmetic product. But not when it comes to the need to look younger. The more powder on the face, the more it gets into the fine wrinkles on the face, emphasizing them and making them even more noticeable. To hide the spots on the face and even out the complexion, use a light tone.

Simple tricks: 7 ways to look younger than your age

Add bronzer
All age spots and freckles that appear on the skin can hide bronzer. It will not only mask all these color changes, but also give the skin a beautiful shine and shade. Even if you have never used such a tool, in the summer you should always pay attention to this product. You can add a little self-tanning to your tone or apply it to your nose, cheeks and forehead using a large brush.

Take care of your hands daily

Simple tricks: 7 ways to look younger than your age
Of course, you take care of your face every day. Do not forget about the skin of the hands. Hand cream is usually cheaper than face cream, so don’t feel sorry for it. Sometimes you can pamper yourself and apply a good nourishing face cream on your hands. In addition, make it a rule to apply sunscreen daily. This is a huge step towards looking younger, because the sun’s rays actively age the skin.

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