Selfishness and duplicity: the secret vices of the zodiac signs

Even doctors say that not all traits we acquire by virtue of upbringing. Some things — up to greed and stubbornness — are innate properties. Astrologers have long deduced their patterns: which vices are more common in certain zodiac signs.

Aries: selfishness
Aries can be extremely selfish. Coupled with their incredible stubbornness, this trait acquires a truly royal scope. Aries often look at people as a means to an end, a kind of support that can help them get closer to the dream. At the same time, Aries do not understand people well and often bet on the wrong person. Therefore, their selfishness leads Aries to failure over and over again — but nothing changes.

Taurus: stubbornness
Not to be confused with perseverance. When Taurus makes a decision, he is ready to smash his forehead, but to make sure that everything is strictly as he decided. The rest can only give up — or move away. At such moments, Taurus becomes a very unpleasant person with whom you do not want to have anything to do — because he is incapable of at least a little flexibility.

Gemini: duplicity
If you are friends with Gemini, always divide what they say by two. And even better — never take what they say seriously. Gemini is quite capable of saying one thing to their face, and quite another behind their eyes. Even if you consider your friend (partner, lover) absolutely perfect, make no mistake — every representative of this sign has a dark side.

Cancer: dishonesty
Cancer seems to be very sincere and sensitive, but he is also capable of cunning if it promises him benefits. Breaking an agreement is a common thing for him. The stars do not advise lending Cancer money or things — he is very reluctant to repay debts. Moreover, he does not consider it something bad. After all, you gave him the thing yourself, and he just forgot to give it back. Although in fact I wasn’t even going to do it.

Leo: narcissism
This is quite obvious. Lions are obsessed with the idea of being in the spotlight. And this does not mean at all that he is ready for criticism — he cannot imagine that anyone would dare to criticize him. Everyone should envy Leo. But at the same time, he himself will consider himself the most sincere person. If you make it clear to Leo that you don’t really consider him the center of the universe — beware.

Virgo: deceitfulness
«They lie as they breathe,» any lie is exceptionally easy for Virgins. They can easily deceive anyone, and the victim will not even realize that she was tricked. Moreover, lies can be of different scales: from violating the rules of a board game, to which Virgo will compose new ones on the go, to adultery. By the way, Virgo also comes up with masterly excuses for her lies.

Libra: laziness
Not the most terrible vice, but sometimes it can pretty much poison the life of Libra themselves, and their loved ones, and colleagues. It is not difficult to persuade them to do something, but it is almost impossible to wait until Libra fulfills the promise. Deadlines — no, we haven’t heard. There are few options: either hang on the Scales over your soul, or just stop counting on them.

Selfishness and duplicity: the secret vices of the zodiac signs

Scorpio: Lust
The passionate nature of Scorpios sometimes subdues them. The innocent look of a Scorpio is like an armor, a shield behind which the scenario of an erotic drama can be played out. You will not notice how this scenario will begin to come to life, and you will find yourself involved in it up to your ears. And not to say that Scorpio is always delighted with himself. Sometimes he regrets that he was unable to resist the temptation.

Sagittarius: impermanence
Sagittarians could be ideal partners if not for their windiness. They are bored to sit in one place, they are bored to live life with the same person. Sagittarians are always dissatisfied with their partner: he is never as perfect as he would like. This approach gives rise to eternal claims to the second half: why he did not do this or that, did not anticipate the desire, and in general is not perfect enough.

Capricorn: greed
Capricorns are obsessed with making money and building a career. Moreover, they do not know how to spend their earnings — this process does not bring any pleasure to Capricorn. They are extremely reluctant to part with money, and the biggest thrill is to see a text message about the next replenishment of the account. Money for money’s sake is the religion of Capricorn.

Aquarius: superficiality
Don’t go deep, don’t get stuck, don’t delve — Aquarians are too easy to dive into the essence of things or get to the bottom of it. They can easily confess their love, and the next day forget about it. Aquarians are detached people, they value their inner peace very much. They will not cope with troubles or overcome difficulties in a relationship — they will get rid of the relationship for which you need to strain so much.

Pisces: addiction
Representatives of this sign fall into alcohol or drug addiction more easily than others. Pisces have too vivid imagination, it is very difficult for them to obey the rules, to keep within limits. Discipline is not for them, but escaping from reality seems to them a tempting prospect. It is especially difficult for Pisces, in which parents failed to cultivate a sense of responsibility in early childhood.

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