Scientists have banned making the bed in the morning, and here’s why

Got up in the morning — made the bed. These rules have been explained to us since childhood, and there was no way to evade it in summer camps. Some experts even say that there is an important psychological moment in this process: making a bed helps to tune in to a new day, to get into the working rhythm.

«On a subconscious level, we understand that it will not be possible to return to bed anymore, and the brain is involved in work tasks,» psychologists say.

But scientists disagree with psychologists. More precisely, they do not argue with their conclusions, but do their own: making the bed is harmful to health. And here’s why.

First of all, we sweat at night. Yes, yes, even though they say that princesses do not sweat. At least a little, quite imperceptibly, but everyone is sweating.  If a damp bed is immediately made, bed mites will begin to breed in it at a breakneck speed — they love wet heat. As a result, millions of these rather vile creatures accumulate on the pillow, in the linen and in the mattress, which cause allergies and even provoke the appearance of acne.

Secondly, the bed should not be made also because it is a natural way to fight ticks. The sheet dries out, the blanket and pillow too, and along with it, the ticks are also dehydrated. These parasites cannot stand the lack of moisture, and therefore they die.

Thirdly, if you make the bed immediately after getting up, it risks not drying out by the evening, and you will go to sleep on a damp sheet. It’s just plain unpleasant. It is unlikely that you will feel comfortable in such an atmosphere. In addition, if the bed «suffocates» under the covers day after day, it will quickly begin to exude an unpleasant smell. And this is a serious blow to personal comfort.

Therefore, save time, do not make the bed, scientists say.

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