Relax: 7 simple and effective ways to relieve stress

It is absolutely not necessary to feel guilty at the same time. By allocating special time for relaxation, you thus give yourself the opportunity to be more productive during the rest of the day. Taking a break gives our brain and body time to recover and work better.

Studies show that just 15-20 minutes of relaxation a day can accomplish the truly impossible. That’s what a timely break is capable of:

strengthen the immune system,

lower blood pressure, reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke,

reduce the likelihood of pain, migraines and even digestive problems, such as irritable bowel syndrome,

reduce the level of stress hormone (cortisol) and cravings for junk food,

improve sleep, mood and improve overall tone,

improve memory and allow you to make more informed decisions

accelerate metabolism

prevent unpleasant premenstrual symptoms in a woman

Children are great at relaxing. But adults have a lot of problems with this. How to relax, calm down and relieve tension? Below are several ways to choose from.

1. Move
Even 10 squats in the office corridor or a hike up and down the stairs of the building will help. Let’s open a secret. In general, those types of exercises that are based on repetition help to relax very well. And it is not so important what they are connected with — with breathing, with pronouncing the same words or performing monotonous physical exercises. You can even just stand on your toes or roll from heel to toe if everything else is unavailable. In good weather, take a break to walk down the street at least to a cafe (and not sit with a sandwich in the office!).

2. Take a shower
Water is one of the strongest energy resources. Standing in the evening, after a busy working day in the shower — perhaps this is the means of relaxation that we use most often — and most often unconsciously. Meanwhile, in this case, there is a literal washing away of negative energy. A foam bath will also help — but no more than 15 minutes and not in very hot water. By the way, if you feel that water is your best friend, do not forget about this reception in the office. Slow, tasteful washing of hands, contemplation of the murmuring stream after a long meeting — why not?

Relax: 7 simple and effective ways to relieve stress

3. Smile, no matter what
Studies published in the journal Psychological Science have proven that people who smiled during a stressful situation (even forced!) returned to normal faster than those who kept a neutral facial expression. Do you think you have no reason to smile? Turn on the comedy and laugh. Laughter also releases endorphins. And don’t forget to smile at colleagues, this reduces the level of tension in the office.

4. Develop your hobbies
Knitting or crocheting, as well as drawing, are considered especially soothing. And all because they are based on repetitive movements, which, as we have already said, distract the brain. But fishing, reading or playing sports, as well as collecting coins is no worse. Hobbies are great for relaxing and switching attention. If you collect something, do not forget from time to time just to sort through your treasures — to once again enjoy them and praise yourself for a wonderful collection. At work, take a break of 15 minutes and read online not the sites you need for work, but forums where people with the same passion as you sit.

Relax: 7 simple and effective ways to relieve stress

5. Listen to music
Music is another powerful tool to help you relax. Music directly affects the brain and creates a more positive mood. By the way, music therapy is used abroad even in hospitals to calm patients and prevent depression. So listen to your favorite music, and if possible, also dance to it.

6. Take care of yourself
Self-care tones up as well as possible. Arrange a visit to the SPA, go to the hairdresser, for a massage or pedicure. If you can’t switch even in such a situation (which is almost impossible), close your eyes and imagine yourself where you feel good and calm — on the beach or in the woods. No financial opportunity? Lock yourself in the bathroom and apply a mask on your face for 15 minutes.

Relax: 7 simple and effective ways to relieve stress

7. Meditate
There are many different ways to meditate. Here is one of them that will allow you to relax right at home. 15-20 minutes is enough for this. Retire, dim the lights. Sit in a comfortable position — for example, cross-legged on the floor or in a cozy armchair. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath and repeat several times, like a mantra, any positive words (for example, «I am improving my metabolism», «I feel better and better»). Having got used to meditating at home in this way, you will gain another ability. After a while, when you feel that stress is catching up with you or you are in tension, try to immediately start doing this exercise — close your eyes, imagine yourself in a comfortable environment and meditate. Over time, it will become easier for you to do this.

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