Reeds, seashells and 8 other things you can’t keep at home

You can, of course, take a risk, but you are dissuaded from two sides — scientists and esotericists.

Broken Watch
It is clear that a modern alarm clock is unlikely to be kept on the shelf if it stops working. But the antique clock is left as an antique decoration item. This is a bad idea! According to Feng Shui, storing broken things at home means that you have a mess at home and in the shower, which is not so easy to clean up.

Old broom
The one that you, for example, took with you when moving to another apartment. According to the old broom, it sweeps good luck out of the house. Well, if you think sensibly, then you should not carry dirt and garbage from the old to the new house.

Red and white bouquets
The War of the Roses is not only about history, but also about omens. According to one of them, the combination of red and white flowers in one vase is to death. So either dilute this combination with other colors, or make plain bouquets.

They are good to keep in offices, where there is a lot of office equipment. Cacti are known absorbers of electromagnetic radiation. But feng shui is against these plants at home: any «thorns» can lead to discord in the family.

Reeds, seashells and 8 other things you can't keep at home

Outdoor umbrella
Scandinavian traditions basically forbid keeping an umbrella in the house: they say, if you brought something into the apartment that protects you from something, then in this way you insulted the guardian spirits of your house, hinting that they do not protect you well. Nowadays, of course, not everyone has the opportunity to keep umbrellas outside the door, but at least do not open it indoors — a bad omen.

Paintings with violent plots
Shipwreck, flood, battle — any destructive plot destroys the atmosphere in the house. It should be soothing, not combative or tragic.

There are two points of view, and both are categorical. Firstly, there is a sign that says that nothing «dead» can be brought into the house: dead wood, stuffed animals, withered flowers. Shells — there, because in fact it is an empty dwelling of a mollusk that died. Bringing the remains home, we incur the worst consequences: quarrels, conflicts, problems at work, lack of money.

And the second point is nature, which you harm, even if you take at least one shell with you. You — one, someone else two, and so on. Environmentalists say that this way we deprive potential houses, for example, hermit crabs. If there are no sinks, they have to live in the garbage.

In fact, what we call reeds is a plant called cattail. They differ just in the brown inflorescence, which easily disintegrates into fluff — the reed does not have it. But the point here is not in botany, but in essence. Many pluck these plants and put them at home as a decoration. But this is a bad omen. A dried bouquet «expels» happiness and good luck from the house. Well, from a rational point of view, this is another «dust collector», which will require additional care. In addition, the fluff flies around and this is not good for allergy sufferers.

Photos of deceased people
They can be stored in the closet, but can not be put in a prominent place. Bioenergetics are sure: this is a connection with the otherworldly world, even viewing these pictures once again is not worth it.

Chipped dishes
Even if it is a family service and antiques, it is impossible to use dishes with chips and cracks. And it’s not even a bad sign, experts say that in this way you violate the energy of the family.

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