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What kind of guy?
In order to understand the diversity of our contemporaries and somehow «organize» them, Discovery Networks conducted an independent study – Species. As a result of a survey of more than 12,000 young men aged 25-39, it was possible to identify 4 main types of men. For our compatriots , the data are as follows:

36% of  men are of the «Modern and one step ahead» type. Family, work, friends and hobbies are equally important to them. The desire to keep up always and everywhere brings satisfaction, not stress.

26% of  are «Egocentric». Their own interests are always more important than relationships with other people. Of these, 16% predominate in the category of «Status seekers». They try to be the center of attention, put their image at the forefront and are not ready for family relationships.

22% of men consider themselves «burdened with obligations». They strive to be great fathers and family men. However, all their achievements are aimed not only for the benefit of their loved ones, but also to demonstrate to others their ideal family.

Only 16% of respondents belong to the «Zero obligations» group. They are passive and have no specific goals. Their only desire is entertainment without effort and expense. They postpone marriage and the appearance of children at a later date.

The study confirmed that today there are no generally accepted standards that dictate to a man how to cope with the roles of a family man, father, breadwinner and protector. And yet it’s nice to find that most of our contemporaries are thinking, feeling and acting personalities.

Nowadays, representatives of the stronger gender spend more and more time and money on appearance, realizing that this helps them to gain status in society and in relationships with women. Inspired by the Discovery study, we decided to consider modern machos in terms of their characteristic features and cosmetic preferences. So, let’s get acquainted.

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