Question to the pediatrician: why does the baby have cold hands and feet

If a child’s arms and legs often freeze, there may be simple physiological reasons for this — the child took a walk on the street, fiddled with snow or water and froze a little. You shouldn’t worry too much about this. But there are also reasons that really make you think. The first of these is vascular spasm. That is, why cold hands and feet? These vessels are compressed, and there is insufficient blood flow to the fingers and toes. Why is this happening? It is possible that this is vegetative-vascular dystonia, or neurocirculatory dystonia of the hypotonic type. It is noted in children who have low blood pressure.

The baby must be shown to the doctor to clarify the reason. Especially if parents, grandparents have a history of hypotension somewhere too. It can be inherited, but it is quite easy to treat: the child needs to be tempered, taken to swimming or other sports. Then the blood supply improves, the blood pressure rises a little, and the child already feels comfortable enough. But I say again that this diagnosis must be made by a doctor, not by a mother.

Another possible, very serious, cause of cold hands and feet is a heart defect. If at the same time the child has a blue nasolabial triangle, this is such a blue above the sponge, then it is imperative to urgently lead to a pediatrician, who, most likely, in turn, will send to a cardiologist, do an electrocardiogram, ultrasound of the heart, so as not to miss such a serious disease.

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