Question to the cosmetologist: why does the cream roll down on the face

Why do some creams roll down on the face, even if you apply a very small amount? Does this mean that they are not suitable for me?

The cream can roll down on the face for various reasons. Some active formulas should be applied to the face in minimal amounts. Moreover, you need to use the rubbing technique. This is an important point. If the cream is not well absorbed, and you have hurried to add a foundation from above, most likely, lumps will appear instantly. It is also important what gets on the skin at the beginning. It is better to use the same brand of products and follow the instructions. If it says that you need to use a serum first, and then a cream, it’s better to do so. And you should not take the serum of one brand, and the cream of another. They rarely combine.

The second reason for the appearance of lumps is the long absence of peeling. Dead cells that have accumulated on the surface of the skin lie in such a dense layer that the cream simply does not absorb. Before canceling a remedy that does not suit you, try using a mild peeling for home care before applying it.

Sometimes lumps form due to the fact that you apply the cream on wet skin. Some formulas can only be applied to a dry face with a thin layer so that they can be absorbed properly.

I use a cream around my eyes every day, but the skin is still dry. And wrinkles appear strongly. What am I doing wrong?

There are two possible explanations. This can happen if you have chosen a very active agent, for example, with retinol or vitamin C, and do not follow the application protocol. Not everyone can guess why the recommendation to use them with a large interval must be followed. And not everyone has enough patience. Some formulas are applied at first only once a week, then once every 6 days, then once every 5 days and so on according to a very strict scheme. That is, you need to get used to daily use gradually. If you don’t play by the rules, then an undesirable response appears in the form of dryness, irritation and even swelling.

The second reason that cosmetologists really often meet: the cream just doesn’t suit you. It would seem that you selected it thoughtfully, the formula promised to help against wrinkles, but it is clear that despite this, dryness appears, the skin on the eyelids begins to tighten, which is why wrinkles appear more and more. Then you should cancel the cream. Just for a little while to see what happens. After a few days, try again. If there are fewer wrinkles without the cream, say goodbye to it forever.

It looks like I’m allergic to hyaluronic acid. How can it be replaced?

The composition of the cream that caused an undesirable reaction always includes additional ingredients. They can also cause allergies. Most often, it happens. It is worth changing the drug, which also contains hyaluronic acid, but at the same time other auxiliary components, how everything goes.

In case of an allergic reaction to hyaluronic acid, it is strictly forbidden to make injections based on it.

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