Put on jeans, drink coffee and 9 more non-obvious ways to lose weight without sports

Sleep in the cool
A study published in the journal Diabetes proves that if you turn on the air conditioner in the room at night or open the window to make the air a little cooler, then you can lose weight in a dream. The fact is that the body spends calories to keep warm, and thus burns the reserves of brown fat on the abdomen. The participants of the experiment, who slept in the cool, lost a few centimeters in the waist without much effort.

Drink black coffee
Four cups of coffee a day will help reduce your fat reserves by about 4%, because a cup of coffee has almost zero calories. The main thing is not to add cream and sugar, then the energy value will rise immediately to 80 calories. And also make sure that coffee is not contraindicated for you, and do not drink it before going to bed.

Eat red fruits
Red apples, watermelon, grapes, raspberries. The color is given to them by the nutrients flavonoids, in particular anthocyanins. These same substances reduce the activity of genes that are responsible for fat accumulation, which means weight gain.

Pay attention to the color of the dishes
And red again. An experiment conducted by scientists showed that people eat less from red dishes than from plates of a different color. Scientists attribute this to the fact that most people associate red with a ban, and they seem to receive a signal: stop, don’t eat, enough is enough!

Put on jeans
Researchers from the University of Wisconsin found out that people who go to work in jeans instead of business suits take almost 500 steps more during the day. Perhaps this is due to the fact that informal clothes are more comfortable and it is easier to move in them. So negotiate with your superiors and lose weight!

Put on jeans, drink coffee and 9 more non-obvious ways to lose weight without sports

Replace the taste with the smell
Scientists have found out that the smell of fresh green apples and bananas dampens appetite and makes desserts less attractive. According to researchers, feeling the smell of fruit, your body subconsciously chooses healthy, not harmful food. By the way, if you can’t carry apples and bananas with you all the time, you can replace them with a bottle of aroma oil or lotion based on shea butter. The effect will be similar.

Imagine eating a lot of sweets
And in fact, you will eat quite a bit of them, because mentally you will already be sated. This was shown by an experiment when people were asked to imagine that they ate M & Ms pills: someone 3 pieces, and someone 30. Then people were actually treated to sweets. And the one who mentally ate a lot of pills, in fact — practically did not touch them.

Eat in front of the restaurant
Do you think it’s illogical? Not at all. A snack before sitting down at the table will help you lose extra pounds. A series of studies from the University of Pennsylvania, published in the journal Appetite, showed that if you eat an apple or drink a cup of broth before you start a hearty dinner at a restaurant, you will end up eating 20% fewer calories than usual.

Make sandwiches without bread
A snack in a few seconds will save you at least 200 calories: it’s so easy to exclude bread from a sandwich and put a slice of ham on a piece of cheese. You can, by the way, add your favorite sauce.

Add ice to drinks
And not only because, starting to melt, it will dilute them, reducing the calorie content. It’s just that everything we drink, the body tries to heat up to body temperature, and for this it needs to burn calories. So the thermoregulation process will help you lose weight.

Eat chocolate for breakfast
Experts from Harvard Medical School and the Spanish University of Murcia said: milk chocolate in the morning and in the evening is good for women’s health.

According to a study published in the authoritative edition of The FASEB Journal, a piece of chocolate at breakfast or before going to bed reduces blood sugar levels, and also helps to remove extra pounds.

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