Night peeling: the main secret of Asian beauties

If you dream of flawless skin, night care needs to be thought through thoroughly. And in this matter it is worth taking an example from Asian women. They make skin care a real cult and know a few secrets that we don’t even know about. Their secret techniques include night peels, which are now very popular in Asia.

Iron arguments
When Koreans want to say «beautiful face», they get something like this: «the face of a well-slept person.» The most correct formulation, because beauty is a relative concept and everyone’s tastes are different. But a beautiful face simply cannot be a badly rested person, and you can’t argue with this statement anymore. Asians also claim that the first three hours of sleep is the most successful interval for caring procedures. The period from 11 p.m. to 2 a.m. they call «golden time for the skin.» By the way, this fact is confirmed by European dermatologists. It is at night that the skin actively recovers and becomes as receptive to our concerns as possible. There are several options for night care, but night peels deserve special attention.

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