New Year’s Magic: how to make the right wishes correctly

New Year is not just a new calendar sheet, but also a time of hopes, dreams, aspirations. Every year we make a wish to the chiming of the chimes. Sometimes we think in advance what we will write on the cherished piece of paper, sometimes spontaneously, but always with sincere faith that it will definitely come true in the New Year. However, some then forget that they made a wish on New Year’s Eve, while others complain that the wish did not come true either this year or in the past. We suggest doing everything according to science. Here are the main rules of dreamers.

1. Focus on just one wish on New Year’s Eve
Do not interfere in one pile and ask for everything at once, think about what is really most desirable for you right now. For example, the desire «I want 10 million» will be wrong if by this you mean buying a new car, apartment and laying the foundation in the country.

Imagine that a child comes to you and asks you to give him 300 $. Asking «for what?», you will find out that the kid wants to make a bird feeder in the yard, and he needs money for planks, nails and a hammer. You understand that the hammer is in the house, even if it is old, but there is; you can take the planks from your grandfather in the garage, there are only nails left to bribe: in total, you need 70 $, no more. That’s how the Universe considers your desires and begins to fulfill only the most important: after all, there is an apartment, the car is still on the move, so you don’t need so much money!

Some part of such a dream will come true, but the feeling that the desire has not fully come true will remain — and this is already a shame. If you want money for the sake of money to put in a jar and admire, then «I want 10 million» is the right desire.

2. Make a wish only about yourself and for yourself
This is an important point for parents, because often we do a lot for children, in the name of their happiness and well-being, forgetting about ourselves. But! As you know, happy children — only happy parents! You should always start with the most difficult — with yourself, your beloved. Do not wish for the child, for example, to grow up healthy. Of course, health is important, and there is no doubt that you sincerely want it, but it’s not about you!

Think about what your child’s health means to you personally. Maybe peace of mind, the opportunity to do your own business, family well—being, the opportunity to direct time and money to another sphere – that’s what you think! And the health of the child with such desires is implied.

Often women also like to make a wish for their husband: career advancement, salary increases, so that he helps around the house more often. First of all, this desire is not about you. Secondly, think about what it will give you personally? Pride in your man, the opportunity to make repairs or something else? Here it is! Everything else will follow. If you want to change the world, start with yourself!

New Year's Magic: how to make the right wishes correctly

3. Don’t be petty, think big
You need to wish more and more often. You won’t get everything anyway, so why be modest? The more you want, the more you’ll get. If you don’t want anything, you won’t get anything. For example, if you want a car, so let it be the best! There is no need to wish for an old car, you can scrape together enough for it. Ask the Universe for the maximum, because it is limitless both in size and in its capabilities. Be open to big changes, big money, interesting work, otherwise, when you get a chance to change everything for the better, you will not see it behind the veil of routine, everyday thoughts.

4. Ask the universe not out of need or suffering, but for your own happiness and enjoyment of life
For example, «I want new boots, the old ones are already completely torn» is a desire to avoid misfortune, to fix the problem. But we want to become happy people, so if there are boots, then «to feel the most charming and attractive»! By the way, the particle «not» cannot be used at all in the formulation of desire, it is not fixed by our subconscious, and as a result, the exact opposite of what is desired remains. The desire to «not lose your job» reformulate to «keep your job», or even better — do not be modest and wish for better working conditions!

5. The desire should be eco-friendly, i.e. not to harm other people
Do not wish to dismiss the boss in the hope of taking his place. He may be fired, but there is no guarantee that you will take the vacant position. You can’t build happiness on someone else’s misfortune. Anger, revenge, resentment — let them stay in the outgoing year. We want to see a bright future ahead, which means that let only bright intentions remain on New Year’s Eve.

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