My son is going crazy in the evening. How to cope with a child’s hyperactivity

In the section «Ask an expert a question» our reader Lora asks:

«The child is three years old. Hyperactive, especially in the evening. Is it possible to give sedatives at this age?»

First of all, I want to reassure you: real hyperactivity, which requires sedative treatment, manifests itself not only in the evening, but throughout the day. Therefore, most likely, everything is fine with your child from a medical point of view.

Children attending kindergarten are in a state of stress and various prohibitions all day long. Therefore, at home they just need to throw out the accumulated energy, be themselves. And with whom else to do it, if not with parents, the closest people?

I understand that you get tired after work and household chores. But there is a concept of effective time that you should devote to the child, only to him alone. Usually it takes 30-40 minutes a day for him to get enough of your attention. And ideally, both parents should participate in this. Take this as a rule, and you will notice how such «hyperactivity» will pass by itself.

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