My mother-in-law scolds me for giving my son milk from the refrigerator. Is she right.

In the section «Ask an expert a question», our reader Jane asks:

«My mother-in-law constantly scolds me when I give my son milk from the refrigerator. He is always indignant: «How can you, it’s cold!“ He says it is necessary that the milk should stand in the heat, reach room temperature. The same situation with yoghurts, creatives and other milk. Everything should be warm. Tell me, is it really possible to get sick if you drink milk right from the refrigerator?»

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— They are constantly trying to convince our young parents that the poor baby can only have a warm one. If the child never encounters cold food, then it (cold food) becomes dangerous. This phenomenon is of the same order as a draft (it never blew out, but as it blew out, they got sick), and pathological sterility (everyone was washed, boiled, started crawling — they got diarrhea).

In general, I do not advise limiting cold, generally making a problem out of it. If we consider hardening as a desire for a normal lifestyle, then this can be called a hardening procedure.

If the throat has been taken care of all the time, then the best way to start is sucking ice. Freeze the fruit juice cubes and give the baby small pieces to suck. It is better not to start this in winter.

I pay attention, throat diseases after a cold one are not angina. As a rule, we are talking about an exacerbation of chronic tonsillitis.

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